Every Superhero TV Series on Netflix in 2020

every superhero tv series on netflix in 2020

We’re over a decade into the extreme rise of superhero popularity in pop culture, and that doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. If you’re looking for some kick-ass, crime-fighting action on Netflix, we’ve compiled the full list of all the Superhero TV series available to stream on Netflix in 2020.

Please Note: The list below has been taken from the U.S. Netflix library.

First of all, here are the top Superhero series available to stream on Netflix:


Series: 5 | Seasons: 27 | Episodes: 536
Genre: Superhero, Action, Adventure | Runtime: 43 minutes

One of the most expansive franchises of the past decade, the affectionally known “Arrowverse” has been one of the most binged on Netflix. With five series in total, spanning over 500 episodes, you’ll be spending weeks trying to blitz your way through all 27 seasons available.

Power Rangers

Series: 23  | Seasons: 26 | Episodes: 887
Genre: Superhero, Action, Adventure | Runtime: 23 Minutes

Every single conceivable episode of Power Rangers, spanning over 3 decades, is available to stream on Netflix. This may not necessarily be one for the adults, but your children will have plenty to watch. Not to mention those 90s kids can tap into some extreme nostalgia with over 150 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ready to be binged.

When the Earth, and sometimes the Galaxy itself, is in danger from a new supervillain, a new group of teenagers is specially selected to become the next generation of Power Rangers. Through the power of their morphers and friendship, the Power Rangers can overcome any challenge.

The Defenders N

Series: 5 | Seasons: 13 | Episodes: 161
Genre: Superhero, Action, Crime | Runtime: 45-60 Minutes

Despite a rocky, and topsy turvy time on Netflix, there is still plenty of merit to the Netflix/Marvel series. In particular, Daredevil, which to this day, is still one of the best Original series that Netflix has to offer. It’s shame we’ll never see an epic conclusion to the stories of The Defenders, but with 13 seasons ready to be binged, it’d be a shame not to.

The Umbrella Academy N

Seasons: 2 | Episodes: 20
Genre: Superhero, Action, Comedy | Runtime: 60 Minutes

The surprise package of 2019, Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy was a smash hit with subscribers. Through some excellent comedy, heartfelt moments, and of course an abundance of Klaus, it came at no surprise that the series would return for a second outing.

Born on the same day, to women who became inexplicably pregnant, seven children were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Each with their own unique powers, the Hargreeves children were being trained to become heroes, and ultimately save the world. But after a series of dysfunctional events, the Hargreeves went their separate ways, only to reunite years later when their adoptive father, Sir Reginald mysteriously dies.

Full list of Superhero TV Series on Netflix in 2020

There’s a total of 61 superhero series available to stream on Netflix.

Note: list pertains to Netflix US only.

Atomic Puppet157
Avatar: The Last Airbender366
Ben 10140
Black Lightning345
Daredevil N339
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow582
I Am Not Okay with This N17
Iron Fist N223
Jessica Jones N339
Johnny Test6125
Luke Cage N226
Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.6123
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers110
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers3156
Mini force X125
Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug and Cat Noir580
One-Punch Man112
PJ Masks252
Power Rangers: Beast Morphers122
Power Rangers: Dino Charge122
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder138
Power Rangers: In Space143
Power Rangers: Jungle Fury132
Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue140
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy145
Power Rangers: Megaforce122
Power Rangers: Mystic Force132
Power Rangers: Ninja Steel244
Power Rangers: Ninja Storm138
Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive132
Power Rangers: RPM132
Power Rangers: SPD138
Power Rangers: Super Megaforce120
Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel122
Power Rangers: Super Samurai124
Power Rangers: Time Force140
Power Rangers: Turbo145
Power Rangers: Wild Force140
Power Rangers: Zeo150
Raising Dion N19
Reboot: The Guardian Code220
Stretch Armstrong & The Flex Fighters224
Super Drags N15
The Defenders N18
The Flash6133
The Magicians442
The Neighbor N110
The New Legends of Monkey N110
The Protector N432
The Punisher N226
The Umbrella Academy N220
Transformers: Cyberverse118
Transformers: Prime126
Transformers: Rescue Bots126
Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy152
Transformers: Robots in Disguise126
Transformers: War for Cybertron N16
Ultraman N113

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