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Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster

Netflix just added four new Jeff Dunham’s specials to Netflix on March 15th, 2019 so we thought we’d take a look at all of his stand-up specials on Netflix including his Original and rank them.

As you know, Netflix has hundreds of stand-up specials on its streaming service across the world and in most cases, they’re traditional routines but Jeff Dunham is different. He relies on his puppet friends and that’s why he’s become a global phenomenon with most people knowing him for Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity (2007)

IMDb Score: 8.1/10
Runtime: 80 minutes
Released on Netflix: December 15th, 2015

This special introduced us to one of the biggest Jeff Dunham characters, Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Also featuring in this special is Walter, Melvin the Superhero Guy, Peanut and José Jalapeño on a Stick.

Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself (2006)

IMDb Score: 8.1/10
Runtime: 76 minutes
Released on Netflix: March 15th, 2019

In this 2006 special which is currently the oldest one streaming on Netflix, we see some of the biggest characters introduced. We also see one of the biggest sketches in Jeff’s history which is “José Jalapeño’s bad day”.

Featuring Walter, Peanut, José Jalapeño, Bubba J, and Sweet Daddy Dee.

Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special (2008)

IMDb Score: 7.6/10
Runtime: 85 minutes
Released on Netflix: March 15th, 2019

Jeff Dunham ticked off the Christmas special back in 2008 when all of his characters gathered to celebrate the time of year. One of the biggest moments in the special is when Achmed the Dead Terrorist put aside his differences to sing Jingle Bombs.

Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos (2011)

IMDb Score: 7.5/10
Runtime: 97 minutes
Released on Netflix: March 15th, 2019

Four years after Spark of Insanity, Jeff was back with some new characters. This special broke several records including being among the highest rated show in Comedy Central history.

The views for one of the specials biggest scenes is when Achmed the Dead Terrorist meets his son. That video YouTube alone has in excess of 45 million views.

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters (2012)

IMDb Score: 7.2/10
Runtime: 80 minutes
Released on Netflix: March 15th, 2019

The next holiday season Jeff Dunham covered was Halloween back in 2012. Performed in a haunted house we see most of Jeff’s best-known characters return including Achmed Jr., Walter, Bubba J, Peanut, José Jalapeño on a Stick, Little Jeff and Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster (2017) Netflix Original

IMDb Score: 6.3/10
Runtime: 70 minutes
Released on Netflix: September 12th, 2017

In his first and to date only Netflix Original special, Jeff took to the road and wound his way into Ireland. The trip is designed to help Jeff discover his routes.

The puppets included in this special include many of your favorites. This special also includes a brand new appearance teased in the trailer when the characters noticed a baby seat.

Other Titles Jeff Dunham Has Featured in on Netflix

  • Jeff voiced Quicksilver in the 2017 Gnome Alone which released on Netflix as an Original last year.
  • Jeff had a small role in Mune: Guardian of the Moon from 2014 where he played Phospho which is currently on Netflix.


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