Netflix Release Dates 2018

Here’s everything we know that’s coming to Netflix throughout 2018 including every announced Netflix Original as well as titles from the likes of Disney, Marvel, LucasFilm, The CW, ABC, NBC, AMC and lots more. 

We’ve also included all the confirmed Netflix Originals heading our way next year although many are still to be added and announced.

A couple of footnotes before we begin. At the bottom of the page, we’ll list all of the titles we expect to come in 2018 but exact dates have yet to be announced. Any titles in a month without an exact release day is guessed based on previous years data and any information since.

Last updated: 11/21/2017

Title NameTypeProducerRelease Date
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!SeriesNetflixJanuary 2018
Grace & Frankie (Season 3)SeriesNetflixJanuary 2018
Dynasty (Season 1)SeriesThe CWJanuary 2018
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)MovieDisneyJanuary 2018
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 3)SeriesThe CWFebruary 2018
Cars 3 (2017)MovieDisneyFebruary 2018
Jagga Jasoos (2017)MovieDisneyMarch 2018
Thor: RagnarokMovieMarvelMay 2018
Riverdale (Season 2)SeriesThe CWMay 2018
Supernatural (Season 13)SeriesThe CWMay 2018
Jane the Virgin (Season 4)SeriesThe CWMay 2018
CocoMovieDisneyJune 2018
Star Wars Episode VII: The Last JediMovieDisneyJune 2018
Arrow (Season 6)SeriesThe CWJune 2018
The Flash (Season 4)SeriesThe CWJune 2018
Supergirl (Season 3)SeriesThe CWJune 2018
Hawaii Five-0 (Season 8)SeriesCBSJune 2018
Blue Bloods (Season 8)SeriesCBSJune 2018
Wentworth (Season 6)SeriesAUSJune 2018
Agents of SHIELD (Season 5)SeriesABCJune 2018
The 100 (Season 5)SeriesThe CWJune 2018
A Wrinkle in Time (2017)MovieDisneySeptember 2018
The Walking Dead (Season 8)SeriesAMCSeptember 2018
The Blacklist (Season 5)SeriesABCSeptember 2018
DolphinsMovieDisneyOctober 2018
American Horror Story (Season 7)SeriesFXOctober 2018
Black Panther (2018)MovieMarvelNovember 2018
Alexa & Katie (Season 1)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
A Little Help With Carol Burnett (Season 1)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
BakiSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Busted!SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
DiableroSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
DisenchantmentSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Dogs of BerlinSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Everything SucksSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Green Eggs and HamAnimationNetflixTBA 2018
HildaAnimationNetflixTBA 2018
Juventus FCDocu-seriesNetflixTBA 2018
KingdomSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Knights of the Zodiac: Saint SeiyaSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
La Casa de las FloresSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The Legend of Monkey (co-production with ABC Australia and TVNZ)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Lost SongSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Love AlarmSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
ManiacSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Motown MagicSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
O MecanismoSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
OsmosisSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Robozuna (co-production with CITV)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Safe (co-production with Canal+)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Samantha!SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Spy Kids: Mission CriticalSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The Ballad of Buster ScruggsSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The HollowSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The RainSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The Umbrella AcademySeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The Who Was? ShowSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Untitled Agnieszka Holland alt-history spy seriesSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Untitled David Letterman seriesSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Untitled Istanbul-set historical drama seriesSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Untitled Justin Willman magic reality seriesSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Untitled Mob Psycho 100 live-action adaptation (co-production with TV Tokyo)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The Last CzarsDocumentaryNetflixTBA 2018
Adel Karam Stand-up SpecialStand-up comedyNetflixTBA 2018
Ali Wong Stand-up SpecialStand-up comedyNetflixTBA 2018
Chris Rock Stand-up SpecialStand-up comedyNetflixTBA 2018
Kevin James Stand-up SpecialStand-up comedyNetflixTBA 2018
CargoMovieNetflixTBA 2018
Outlaw KingMovieNetflixTBA 2018
The AngelMovieNetflixTBA 2018
The Other Side of the WindMovieNetflixTBA 2018
The Week OfMovieNetflixTBA 2018
Stranger Things 3SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The Crown (Season 3)SeriesNetflixWinter 2018
Orange is the New Black (Season 6)SeriesNetflixSummer 2018
House of Cards (Season 6)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Sense8 Special Finale EpisodeSeriesNetflixTBA 2018
The OA (Season 2)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 2)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
13 Reasons Why (Season 2)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018
Atypical (Season 2)SeriesNetflixTBA 2018