Turkish Shows Coming to Netflix in 2023 and 2024

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Netflix has built up a substantial collection of Turkish language libraries through licensing and original commissions over the past few years. Hits like The Protector and The Gift are among the service’s most successful, and more are on the way. Here’s a look forward at some of the upcoming Turkish Netflix Originals.

We’re going to split this article up into two halves. Firstly, we’ll cover the returning Turkish series coming back to Netflix, before diving into some of the newly-announced projects Netflix has in development.

We should note that there will be many Turkish projects in development at Netflix that don’t get announced in advance. This is completely normal, given that Netflix’s EU team doesn’t often promote many of their upcoming Originals in advance.

Renewed Turkish Shows Returning for New Seasons at Netflix


Another Self (Season 2)

another self netflix turkish series

Picture: Netflix

Following its debut in July 2022, Another Self was renewed for a second season in September 2022, although it was notably left out of the press release.

Created by Nuran Evren Şit, the soap drama series followed three friends who head to a seaside town to connect.

As the Crow Flies (Seasons 2 and 3)

as the crow flies renewed for seasons 2 3

Picture: Netflix

Renewed for two additional seasons, this Turkish drama series debuted in June 2022.

The show, which comes from the production company Ay Yapim, was about a young fan’s ambition to become a news anchor. The series was renewed in August 2022.

Fatma (Season 2)

Fatma Netflix

Fatma – Picture: Netflix

The crime drama Fatma first debuted on Netflix in April 2021 with six episodes and was renewed later in the year.

Netflix notably omitted Fatma season 2 in their press release for the upcoming Turkish series.

Midnight at The Pera Palace (Season 2)

midnight at the pera palace netflix

Picture: Netflix

Created by Emre Şahin, Midnight at the Pera Palace is the Turkish language crime mystery series set at a historic Instanbul hotel.

It was renewed in the summer of 2022 following its premiere on Netflix in March.

The Club (Part 3)

the club netflix turkish series

Released over 2 parts thus far across 10 episodes, The Club is Netflix’s period drama series set in the 1950s starring Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduç.

The series has been renewed for at least one more part.

There are several shows we’re still waiting for renewal news for (or cancelation), including:

  • 50M2 (Season 2)
  • Wild Abandon (Season 2)
  • Yakamoz S-245 (Season 2)
  • Hot Skull (Season 2)
  • Shahmaran (Season 2)

New Turkish Shows Coming to Netflix in 2023 & Beyond


Shahmaran turkish drama

Picture: Netflix

Produced by Tims & B Productions, this new fantasy series will be the first major Turkish series of 2023 for Netflix. It’s written by Pinar Bulet and directed by Umur Turagay.

It’s a passionate love story starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Burak Deniz and is about a woman on a journey to confront her grandfather.

The new mystery thriller touches down on Netflix globally in January 2023 on the 20th.

The Tailor

the tailor netflix turkish series

Picture: Netflix

Seven episodes are set to be released for this new Turkish drama that’s based on a true story.

It’s based on a young clothes tailor who inherited his business from his successful grandfather following his surprising death. His job is made even harder because he has to care for his mentally ill father.



WWWRF Netflix Original Turkish Series

Picture: Netflix

Based on Perihan Mağden’s novel of the same name WWWRF stands for Who Were We Running From. It’s about the run-away story of a mother and daughter duo.

It comes from 1441 Production and stars Melisa Sözen.

The Creature 

creature netflix series turkish

Picture: Netflix

Adapting the timeless novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, this new take on the 200-year-old story comes from the famous Turkish filmmaker, Çağan Irmak.

Per Netflix, here’s what you can expect:

“The Creature focuses on one of the most fundamental questions of humanity, “death and beyond”. The biggest wish of Ziya, an adventurous, rebellious and excited young medical student, is to be a very good physician and cure many epidemics that medicine cannot find a cure for. Standing between madness and genius, Doctor İhsan, whom Ziya met in Istanbul, is almost the only person in this world who could understand him. These two eccentric and wounded souls will pay a heavy price for the secret and forbidden experiment they embarked on together.”

Finally, on November 4th in 2022, Netflix announced a slew of upcoming series due to premiere in 2024.

Those include:

  • Asaf  – Created and directed by Özgür Önurme, Asaf tells the story of an ordinary Uber driver with strong moral values trying to find a way to get his life back on track after his separation with his wife and son. One day an unfortunate accident changes Asaf’s life forever as he becomes a pawn to the wrong people. Idea Film will produce Asaf.
  • The Town – From the eyes of successful director Seren Yüce, written by Deniz Karaoğlu and Doğu Yaşar Akal, Bir Film production The Town centers around two brothers who fell apart over the years, reunite in their small hometown after the death of their mother. After discovering bags full of cash in the trunk of a crashed vehicle together with their loyal childhood friend, they find themselves stuck in a game of cat and mouse, squeezed between a rock and a hard place. Will they give up on their dreams or take the only shot at changing their lives?
  • Untitled Berkun Oya Project – The beloved creator of Ethos and Cici, Berkun Oya is working on a new project for Netflix. A mother, a father and a child…The story follows a nuclear family and their journey spanning decades. As we witness the family members confront and defy one another and the society surrounding them, the unorthodox narrative structure will allow viewers to immerse themselves in a realm of unique reality that includes life and before, death, and beyond.
  • Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti (WT) – Talented writer Ece Yörenç takes us to modern-day relationships through this fresh and contemporary rom-com with an Ay Yapım production. It’s an “extreme love” story with complicated relationships and high energy. This is the story of different characters from a few weddings ago, or right after the “first love”, sometimes in the “bench”, sometimes in the “ghost”; some on the run, others on the chase, caught up in teases in search of relationships.

What new or returning Turkish Netflix Original series are you looking forward to on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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