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ubisoft netflix shows and movies coming soon

Although Netflix doesn’t formally have any output deal with Ubisoft, it is expected there’s some wider agreement for access to IP which is why there are lots of TV shows and movies coming soon to Netflix. Here’s a roundup of all the Ubisoft shows and movies we know to be in development right now. 

A bit of background on Ubisoft first for those unfamiliar. The French video game publisher has been active since 1986 and has produced some of the biggest video games in history. They’re responsible for the likes of Rayman, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, and the Tom Clancy series.

As of late, they’ve been expanding aggressively into other media mediums and Netflix seems to be one of their biggest distribution partners in this arena.

The movie isn’t wholly surprising on Netflix’s part. They’ve got a huge library of upcoming titles based on video games and have dabbled in the medium via its interactive titles, crossovers and dedicated games too.

So without further ado, here’s a look at all the Ubisoft IP coming to Netflix and we’ll even take a look at some of our top picks of what Netflix and Ubisoft should work on together next.

Confirmed Ubisoft-Netflix Projects in Development

The Division

Type: Movie

the division netflix

Expected to hit in 2022 is the Tom Clancy movie adaptation starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain.

The movie will be directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

The majority of the Tom Clancy adaptations in recent years have gone to Amazon Prime. That includes the recently released Michael B. Jordan feature Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse or the Jack Ryan series starring John Krasinski.

Assassin’s Creed

Type: Live-action Series & Animated Series

assassins creed netflix adaptations

Perhaps the jewel in the Ubisoft crown right now is Assassin’s Creed, the long-running action-adventure series.

Two projects have been announced with a live-action series and an animated series also in development.

The most recent news we had for Assassin’s Creed was the fact that Jeb Stuart is on board as the showrunner for the live-action series.

The animated series will only commence once the Far Cry show has been delivered.

Beyond Good and Evil

Type: Movie

beyond good and evil netflix

Announced way back in July 2020 was a movie adaptation of Beyond Good and Evil. Sadly, since that initial announcement with Rob Letterman being attached, we’ve had absolutely no news.

Whether it’ll go the way of the long-anticipated sequel to the game (which is supposedly still in development despite being radio silent for over a year) and be a project that’s lost to time we’ll have to wait and see.

Splinter Cell

Type: Animated Series

splinter cell animated series netflix

Although the video game franchise of Splinter Cell has been somewhat on a hiatus, an animated series helmed by Derek Kolstad is in development which got a first look image at Geeked Week in 2021.

We’ve also heard there might be plans for a live-action Splinter Cell series but for now, we’ll just have to settle for an animated one.

Far Cry and Captain Laserhawk

Type: Animated Projects

far cry blood dragon netflix ubisoft

Adi Shankar and Bobbypills are teaming up for an anime series based on multiple Ubisoft characters. Fans of Far Cry will know Blood Dragon as a game expansion of Far Cry 3.

In addition, a Far Cry animated series is in development but that’s all we’ve really gotten. Netflix does tease, however, that the series is known for memorable villains.

Ubisoft Netflix Wishlist

Now a quick bit of speculation as to what Ubisoft IP could be adapted next. Here’s some of our top picks and let us know in the comments which ones you’d love to see.

  • Watch Dogs – we’d love to see this one adapted as a live-action series or movie. The games travel to multiple cities and could be a huge action movie.
  • Skull & Bones – although Netflix has One Piece in development, we’d love to see a full pirate show/movie on Netflix and this one fits the bill.
  • Rayman – An animated series aimed at younger audiences would be good for this one.

Cleaning Up

Before we leave you, we thought we’d touch on a couple of Ubisoft titles that were left by the wayside.

Back in 2013, a Michael Bay adaptation of Ghost Recon was announced but has gone silent since. Michael Bay did recently work on a Netflix project so perhaps it could get going on Netflix? That project was with Warner Brothers.

Lionsgate also commissioned an animated comedy set in the Rabbids world back in 2013 although that one has been MIA since.

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