‘Deep Undercover Collection’ Leaving Netflix in March 2021

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deep undercover leaving netflix march 2021

Deep Undercover – Picture: Bellum Entertainment

For fans of shows like Unsolved Mysteries, you’ll want to check out the Deep Undercover Collection before its scheduled departure date in March 2021 in the majority of regions around the world. Here’s why you should give it a watch before it departs.

All three seasons of Deep Undercover which consist of 52 episodes in total are scheduled to depart Netflix globally (see all regions availability on UNOGS) on March 17th, 2021. That includes Netflix in Canada and the United States.

Here’s what the show is all about in case you haven’t checked it out:

“Deep Undercover is a true-crime series from writer and producer Joe Pistone, the real “Donnie Brasco.” Each episode tells the story of a different undercover operation from the POV of the undercover officers involved.”

Among the guests to feature on the series includes Judy Ho, Teddy Rodriguez, Dominic Pace, Shaelan Bowers, Will Madden, and Jonathan Peacy.

The series holds a 7.2/10 on IMDb but only has a handful of reviews. Before it dropped onto Netflix, the series aired on Escape or as it’s known now, Court TV Mystery (owned by Scripps).

Deep Undercover is licensed to Netflix and has been streaming since March 16th, 2018 meaning you’ll have had three years to stream the show by the time it departs. Bellum Entertainment produced and distributes and is therefore responsible for the series.

Bellum Entertainment, owned by Mary Carole McDonnell, is a fascinating company to read up on. The production company is mainly known for its true-crime series but in recent years has been embroiled in lawsuits against previous employees demanding payment for unpaid work.

As for where the series will stream next is anyone’s guess. It’s not a removal by a competitor of Netflix that’s looking to claw back its license as it’s produced wholly independently. So our guess is this show might slip into the streaming nether where it’s hard to find to watch outside of VOD options which from our research looks hard to find already.

You can see everything set to leave Netflix in the US throughout March 2021 in our dedicated preview which is currently headlined by a few top anime titles and a number of movies that regularly rotate off and on Netflix.

Will you miss Deep Undercover once it leaves Netflix on March 17th? Let us know in the comments down below.

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