Netflix Original Supernatural Crime Series ‘Black Spot’ Leaving in June 2024

The series is being removed from Netflix after five years on the platform.

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Black Spot Leaving Netflix June 2024

Picture: France 2 / Netflix

Black Spot, also known as Zone Blanche, is a supernatural horror crime series created by Mathieu Missoffe. Netflix picked it up after airing it on France 2. Sadly, however, the critically acclaimed series will soon leave Netflix after an exclusive period.

Starring Suliane Brahim, Hubert Delattre, and Laurent Capelluto, the series follows a police chief and a prosecutor examining a string of unexplained grisly crimes in an isolated town at the edge of a giant forest.

The two seasons aired on La Une in Belgium and France 2 in France in 2017 and 2019, respectively, produced by Be-FILMS, France Télévisions, RTBF, and Ego Productions.

The series wasn’t always on Netflix; in 2017, Amazon Prime snatched up the first season, but Netflix eventually took on the global rights in 2019, with the first season dropping on May 31st, 2019, with the second just a few weeks later on June 14th, 2019.

A removal notice can be found on the page for Black Spot around the globe. It says that your last day to watch on Netflix is June 13th. The actual removal date is planned for June 14th, coinciding precisely five years after Netflix picked up season 2.

We’ve embedded a picture of the removal notice on Black Spot below:

Black Spot Leaving Netflix

Picture: What’s on Netflix

As mentioned, the removal is planned globally, but do note that Netflix can renew its license at any point, and we’ve even seen with some Original titles that they’re re-added after they’ve been removed, either coming back as an Original title or licensed.

Why Black Spot is Leaving Netflix

Why is Black Spot leaving Netflix? As we hinted above, Netflix doesn’t own the underlying rights to the show, so it’s going. While some Netflix Originals are owned by Netflix forever, many are licensed to Netflix exclusively for a fixed period. Amazon differentiates these by calling titles Amazon Exclusives or Amazon Originals, whereas Netflix does not.

We’ve seen dozens of Netflix Originals depart the service over the years, and that’s set to grow in the years to come, with even big hits like Orange is the New Black maybe leaving at some point down the road.

This is one of three Netflix Originals currently set to depart throughout June 2023 (we’ll have a full rundown in the coming weeks), with others departing, including Marlon (seasons 1-2) in all international territories and Rock My Heart leaving on June 7th.

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