When will ‘Friends’ Leave Netflix Internationally?

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when will friends leave netflix internationally

Friends – Picture: Warner Bros. Television

Over the past few years, several Netflix regions have seen the removal of the hit series Friends. However, as of the time of publishing, Netflix still hangs onto the license in multiple other regions, but it won’t be forever. Here’s when the show is currently set to leave Netflix in regions such as the United Kingdom and  

Friends is a beloved television show that has remained popular because of its relatable characters and timeless storytelling. While the show originally aired from 1994 to 2004, it has remained popular through syndication and streaming services, making it easily accessible to new audiences searching out comfort TV.

With the rise of streaming services, Netflix has been slowly losing licensed content and that includes Friends which has become a hot commodity and a key selling point for Warner Bros. Discovery’s own streaming service.

To recap, so far, we’ve seen the show leave Netflix in three waves over the past few years:

As of December 2022, Netflix holds the streaming rights to Friends in over 20 regions according to Unogs but how long will that remain?

Well, it depends on where you live and it’s not set in stone either. That’s because Netflix can always renegotiate streaming deals with Warner Bros. Discovery, who have shifted rhetoric in recent months, stating that they’re simply looking to “get paid.”

In the United Kingdom, Netflix currently holds the rights to Friends until 2025 (specifically December 31st, 2024), which is coincidentally when Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly looking to launch HBO Max.

This end-of-2024 date also applies to Netflix in India.

In Australia, our intel suggests Netflix holds the rights to Friends for another couple of years with it currently set to depart midway through 2024.

In select European regions such as France, you may lose Friends as soon as December 2023 according to our intel.

Of course, the best way to keep up with removals is by keeping an eye on our site where we report monthly removals every single month via our leaving Netflix soon hub.

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