When will ‘The Flash’ Series Leave Netflix?

You have a few years to watch all 184 episodes on Netflix.

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when will the flash leave netflix

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Netflix in most regions of the world now houses the complete collection of The CW’s The Flash with the US having just gotten season 9. While Netflix will be the show’s home for the foreseeable future, it won’t be forever. Here’s when we’re currently expecting The Flash to depart Netflix.

On the air since 2014, the DC superhero series The Flash has starred Grant Gustin in the titular role and seen him face off against dozens of villains and crossed over with much of the other DC shows that have aired on The CW, collectively known as The Arrowverse.

Before diving into the nuts and bolts, we should just note the two ways The Flash came to Netflix.

Outside of the United States, the show was sold on its own to Netflix, with most countries carrying it as a Netflix Original. Of course, Netflix doesn’t own the underlying rights but the exclusive license for a fixed period. Each season always came to Netflix around nine days after the season finale. Season 9 dropped on June 1st, 2023.

In the United States, Netflix got The Flash as part of an overall output deal with the TV network, The CW. Again, simply licensed over a fixed period. In these regions, Netflix mostly picked up new episodes on a weekly basis.

When will The Flash leave Netflix in the United States?

We’ve got two dates for when The Flash seasons 1-9 could leave Netflix. As we’ve covered before, The CW shows often stay on Netflix for the duration of their initial run on network television plus five years. That would mean the title would leave in 2028 (specifically on June 1st).

However, we’ve heard the title may leave Netflix as soon as 2027, with the earliest removal date currently planned for December 30th, 2027.

For more on when The CW’s output has come to Netflix over the years and when it leaves Netflix, check out our full guide to removals.

When will The Flash leave Netflix internationally?

For those internationally, you’ll hang onto the series for at least another three years.

Research we’ve done suggests that some countries (like Canada and France) will lose the show as soon as August 2026, while others will hang onto it until 2027 (like the Netherlands).

Where will the show stream after leaving Netflix? Based on all the removals thus far from The CW, Max (previously HBO Max) seems like the most likely home eventually, which is, broadly speaking, the home of all DC content.

Will you miss The Flash when it eventually leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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