‘Ad Vitam’ Season 1 Coming to Netflix in August 2019

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Ad Vitam – Picture: Netflix

The new sci-fi TV series Ad Vitam is coming to Netflix in August 2019. Here’s everything we know including the exclusive reveal of the release date, who’s going to be starring, what it’s about, and what it’s similar to. 

Netflix has a suite of great sci-fi series, with the biggest one that comes to mind is Altered Carbon. France, earlier this year, outputted another sci-fi title that was well received by the name of Osmosis (yet to get a second season).

The show is set in a future where death has been cured and life on Earth has been improved dramatically. Despite this, a number of kids have committed suicide in recent months, and a cop and a young woman set out to find exactly what’s happening.

Here’s some more details that you need to know

  • No confirmation as to whether there’ll be an English dub. At the moment, you can expect French language and English subtitles.
  • The series was directed by Thomas Cailey and Manuel Schapira
  • The series is written by Thomas Cailley and Sébastien Mounier
  • Season 1 is comprised of six episodes running at an hour each

Who stars in Ad Vitam season 1?

The show has an expansive cast, although audiences outside of France are unlikely to have heard of most of them.

Here’s a full rundown of the main cast who feature in all six episodes.

  • Yvan Attal as Darius Asram
  • Garance Marillier as Christa Novak dit Nora
  • Niels Schneider as Virgil Berti dit Caron
  • Victor Assié as Théo Lesky
  • Rod Paradot as Léonard Ader dit Linus
  • Anne Azoulay as Béat
  • Adel Bencherif as Elias Azuelo
  • Vassili Schneider as Virgil Berti Jeune
  • Julie Moulier as Leyla Perrik
  • Ariane Labed as Odessa

Ad Vitam season 1 will be on Netflix on August 2nd

If you’ve been a fan of this show since it was first revealed and released in France last year, the wait for it to come to Netflix has been a long one. Some reported it was lined up for July 2019, but that was again pushed back. Season 1 of Ad Vitam is scheduled for release on Netflix on August 2, 2019.

This is a global release date, meaning essentially everyone outside of France will get the first season on August 2nd.

The release date for Ad Vitam

It’ll be added at its standard time on Netflix, which is at 12 AM PST, 3 AM EST, and 8 AM GMT.

Will there be a season 2 of Ad Vitam?

Currently, there’s no second season planned, and according to reports, we’re not expecting one either.

Speaking to the site, the show’s creator said, “Ad Vitam is a curly series, which ends radically,” adding that he’s likely now headed back to his roots at the cinema.

That tells us that this is likely intended to be a limited series but we’ll cover this in more depth once we get to see the extent of the full series.

What are the reviews for the show?

It was mixed from critics, but audiences in France generally enjoyed it. One outlet in France called it a misfire, while others thoroughly enjoyed it.

As we’ve found with most sci-fi movies and TV series finding their way onto Netflix, it comes down to personal preference.

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