‘All of Us Are Dead’ Season 2 on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

After an incredible first season of All of Us Are Dead, many subscribers will be curious about the future of the series. We'll be keeping track of everything we know about 'All of Us Are Dead' season 2 on Netflix.

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all of us are dead season 2 on netflix

The first season of All of Us Are Dead was the perfect way to introduce subscribers to another terrifying and gore-filled festival of horror, that provided its own edge to the genre, and a stand out from Netflix’s other extremely popular zombie series, Kingdom. However, will the series be returning for a second season at Netflix? It’s still too early to say, but we’ll be discussing everything we know about All of Us Are Dead season 2 below.

All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean Netflix Original zombie-horror series written by Chun Sung-il and based on the webtoon Now at Our School by Joo Dong-geun. The series was directed by Lee Jae Gyoo who is known for his work on Trap, King2Hearts, and Intimate Strangers. The production company behind the series was Kim Jong-hak Production and Film Monster.

When a zombie virus tears through their school, a small band of students become trapped inside, struggling to survive against the flesh-eating horde around them.

All of Us Are Dead season 2 Netflix renewal status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 29/01/2022)

In rare circumstances, Netflix may renew an Original ahead of its release date, however, All of Us Are Dead has received no such early renewal. At the time of writing the horror series has only been available to stream on Netflix for just over 24 hours, so it’s still extremely early for the streaming service to make a decision on renewal.

Netflix will often wait several weeks before deciding on the future of an Original. This is so all of the relevant data and analytics can be gathered to determine whether or not a series is worth renewing. Subscriber viewership in the first month, the number of subscribers that finished the series and total minutes watched are just a few of many factors that Netflix will consider for renewal.

One of the best indicators of how well a series is performing is the top ten lists, but it’s still too early to determine the popularity of All of Us Are Dead. Taking into consideration that the trailer alone has over 12 million views, we fully expect All of Us Are Dead to be one of the mot popular originals of 2022.

Does All of Us Are Dead need a second season?

Whether or not All of Us Are Dead needs a second season is extremely objective, and will likely split the opinion of many down the middle. But, we’ll try to justify why the series does not need a second season, and we’ll also suggest some reasons why the series could return too.

all of us are dead season 2 netflix classroom

The survivors went to eextraoridinary lengths to survive – Copyright. Kim Jong-hak Production

Why All of Us Are Dead doesn’t need a second season

Of the hundreds of students from Hyosan High School, only a small handful survived the outbreak such as On-jo, Su-hyeok, Dae-su, Ha-ri, Mi-jin, and Hyo-ryung. Not to mention the vast majority of the population of Hyosan were turned into zombies and were all destroyed by the strategic bombing by the Korean military. What little remains of the survivors now reside in a refugee camp while the military determines if and when Hyosan is safe enough for them to return to.

For those that did survive, their stories have mostly been wrapped up, as they each try to find their place in the new world. And unless a brand new outbreak happens, it’s extremely difficult to determine where the story goes next.

all of us are dead season 2 netflix survivors

Our handful of survivors escaping from Hyosan High School – Copyright. Kim Jong-hak Production

Why All of Us Are Dead needs a second season

The one character that the second season could revolve around is Nam-Ra, who after being infected by Gwi-Nam did not succumb to the virus and become a mindless zombie. Instead, Nam-Ra was able to retain her humanity, while also receiving the benefit of the virus which has given her increased strength, endurance, and the ability to survive injuries that would cripple or kill a normal human.

After reuniting with the other survivors of Hyosan High School, Nam-Ra revealed there are more just like her, and she is currently helping them survive. The fact there are more human-zombie hybrids like Nam-Ra can be incredibly dangerous, especially if they are unable to overcome their urges to eat and kill like Gwi-Nam and Eun-Ji.

A bite from a hybrid doesn’t guarantee you’ll become one either, as was shown by Gwi-Nam, who after biting Ha-Ri’s archery teammate succumbed to infection quickly, and became a mindless zombie. So, all it could take is for one hybrid or “halfbie” to give in to their hunger and a brand new outbreak could happen all over again.

all of us are dead season 2 netflix nam ra

Nam Ra was fighting the virus inside trying to take over her mind – Copyright. Kim Jong-hak Production

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