Anne with an E Season 2: Renewed and Releasing on Netflix in July 2018

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Anne with an E season 1 dropped exclusively on Netflix on May 13th around the world with seven episodes in its first season. The series, based on the book series Anne of Green Gables, has been met with critical praise and fan approval the world over. The first season was short so no doubt many are looking to the future and wanting to know the status and release schedule for season 2 of Anne with an E.

The series is a joint Netflix Original with it being a cross-production between Netflix and Canadian network CBC Television. The series first premiered on CBC on March 19th before wrapping up April 30th and was then added to Netflix a year later.

The first season has covered chapters 1 through 18, respectively. There have been some additions to the material in the book but, with just a few exceptions, has stuck very closely to the source material. The first book in the series covers a great deal of Anne’s life from girl to woman, so for time allowance, it would be impossible to cover every event. In this first season of the series, we are introduced to Anne beginning with her early life and time spent in an orphanage. As she was growing up, she was treated incredibly poorly and has developed a love for reading and lively imagination in defence.

Then begins her time at Green Gables. She is adopted by a brother and sister, the Cuthberts. There is quite a lot of adjusting to be done by all parties involved. Anne has never been in a loving environment and they have never had children. We see Anne as she is blending in, finding friends, and becoming part of her new family. Along the way there are many predicaments and adventures, she gets a best friend, and she meets a character that will become SPOILER ALERT FOR FOLLOWING BOOKS central in her life.

What books will the second season cover?

If the second season stays true to the first, we can expect chapters 18 through 32 to be covered. While there are a couple of instances where things in later chapters have already occurred in this first season, they were not events central to the plot. We have seen Anne as she goes from unsure orphan to a more confident young woman. The second season should cover two events that will hugely impact Anne’s life and future. Both involve her family. We will see her as she is more contented, lovely, and successful, and will get more of her adventures with her friends.

Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed! (Last Updated: 08/03/2017)

Netflix and the Canadian network announced on August 3rd, 2017 that they have both renewed the series for ten episodes. We also got news that the returning cast would include Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, R.H. Thomson, and Lucas Jade Zumann.

Amybeth McNulty as Anne Shirley, Geraldine James as Marilla Cuthbert and R. H. Thomson as Matthew Cuthbert

Anne with an E Season 2 Netflix Release Date

As expected season 2 of Netflix’s Anne with an E is returning in 2018. Netflix officially announced the release date for the new season on June 8th, 2018. The release date is July 6th which coincidently is also when Jerry Seinfeld’s new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is dropping too. All episodes will drop at once. Alongside the date announcement came a new trailer.

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 Poster Rating: TV-PG
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, R.H. Thomson, Dalila Bela
Season Additions:
  • - Season 3 was added to Netflix on January 3rd, 2020
  • - Season 2 was added to Netflix on July 6th, 2018