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Anne with an E – CBC / Netflix

Anne with an E is returning to Netflix for a third season and if you’re looking for what you can expect from season 3, when it’ll be on Netflix and more, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what we know about season 3 of Anne with an E.

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the show, here’s a little recap so far. Anne with an E is a period drama show based on the early 1900s novel called Anne of Green Gables. The show is known on Netflix as Anne with an E but has also been simply referred to as Anne too. The show is loosely based on the novels while also taking its own initiative to modernize the story and adapt it for a new generation.

Reviews for the first two seasons have been relatively mixed with some wishing it’d have stuck to the books more closely while others have praised some of the directions the show has taken.

It’s important to note that Anne with an E isn’t quite a full Netflix Original. Instead, Netflix owns the international distribution rights to the show.

The third season was announced in August 2018 before CBC had aired season 3 but slightly after Netflix had dropped it onto the streaming service.

Anne with an E renewed for season 3

When will season 2 of Anne with an E be on Netflix Canada?

If you reside in Canada, you’ve been waiting for the latest season of Anne with an E for quite some time. The first season dropped onto Netflix Canada back in January 2018 and we’re not expecting season 2 to drop until closer to the time season 3 begins airing.

What to expect from season 3 of Anne with an E

*Caution: spoilers for the book and series below*

The series has been following the books relatively well thus far. We’re getting towards the end of the first book however with the third season.

This season, Anne will be turning 16 years old so Anne will be slowly becoming a woman dealing with all that doing so entails such as relationships and new discoveries. In addition, Anne is looking to learn more about her birth parents this season too.

Anne with an E season 2 – Netflix

The series will also introduce its first “Indigenous storyline” and characters (as we’ll come onto in a bit) with the town of Green Gables interacting with a camp of the Mi’kmaq nation.

In the original announcement of the third season, it was said that “Season three of the series will introduce characters and stories that will tackle issues including identity, feminism, bullying and gender parity. ”

Some have predicted a big death upcoming in season 3 with Ruby potentially facing a tragic end. Many adaptations in the past have left out some of the more gruesome deaths from their adaptations.

Who’s returning for season 3 of Anne with an E?

Much of the main cast has been confirmed to be returning for the third season. These include Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, R. H. Thomson, Dalila Bela, Corrine Koslo, Lucas Jade Zumann, Aymeric Jett Montaz, Dalmar Abuzeid, Cara Ricketts, Joanna Douglas, Kyla Matthews, Cory Grüter-Andrew, and Miranda McKeon. Directors Norma Bailey, Paul Fox, Amanda Tapping, and Anne Wheeler.

The major casting announcements so far have been Kiawenti:io Tarbell joining the cast and also Brandon Oakes has also been confirmed to join this season too.

Kiawenti:io Tarbell & Brandon Oakes cast

Thanks to some IMDb updates, we also know some other cast and crew that are either debuting or returning.

The two composers of the show, Ari Posner and Amin Bhatia are returning for season 3. Jane Maggs is confirmed to be returning as a writer and producer.

Where is Anne with an E season 3 in production?

Current production status: Finished (last updated: September 2019)

Principal photography which refers to the bulk of the shooting of the show began back in March 2019. That’s also when the new cast members (see below) were announced too.

On March 4th, Moira Walley-Beckett revealed the first draft of episode 301.

Anne with an E season 3 episode 1 script – Moira Walley-Beckett / Instagram

In March on International Women’s Day, Moria Walley-Beckett took to Instagram to celebrate the day with her all-female production team working on season 3. On Instagram, Moira captioned the picture with: “Proud to be working side by side with my all-female production team for Anne with an E!”

Anne with an E writers – Moira Walley-Beckett / Instagram

The most recent update came in the middle of May 2019 when Moria shared that it’s good to be back filming after a couple of weeks break sharing a picture on the set of the new season.

Moira Walley-Beckett / Instagram

When will season 3 of Anne with an E be on Netflix?

Although there’s been nothing official, it is expected that season 3 will be releasing in the final three months of 2019.

The series is set to air in Canada on September 22nd, 2019 and run, as we mentioned above, for 10 episodes. That means the series is due to wrap in late November. We did initially expect the series to either arrive on Netflix in either November or December. In September 2019, however, Netflix revealed that the new series would be coming to Netflix on January 3rd, 2019.

Previous seasons have dropped on Netflix before its CBC airdate although the title remains absent from the September 2019 releases list meaning we’re expecting it to come after its initial run through.

On Netflix itself, it doesn’t give anything away from other than that season 3 is confirmed and is on the way.

Other Anne with an E News

Here are some other bits of news that are related to the show:

  • The show was nominated for a GLAAD award in late March for “Outstanding Kids & Family Programming”
  • Promotion for the third season can be found for the show on bus stops throughout Canada.

There you have it, that’s what we know about season 3 of Anne with an E so far. If you fancy some more reading, go and check out our interview with the composers of the show which we conducted back in 2017.

Also, check out the show’s main stars Amybeth react to some fan animations of some scenes from season 2.

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