‘Big Mouth’ Season 4: Coming to Netflix in December 2020

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Big Mouth – Copyright. Danger Goldberg Productions and Titmouse Inc.

After another excellent and raunchy season of Big Mouth, fans will be delighted to learn that the fourth season is coming to Netflix in December 2020. There are lots to look forward to in the upcumming season, from songs about the body and masturbation and making love to pillows here’s everything we know so far about Big Mouth season 4.

Big Mouth is a Netflix Original adult-animated sitcom created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The series is loosely based on the upbringing of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg and their own experiences of puberty in throughout their youth.

The series continues to do well and even scooped up a couple win at the 2020 Emmy awards including Maya Rudolph picking up “Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance” and accounted for 2 of the 21 awards Netflix picked up.

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Has Netflix renewed Big Mouth for Season 4?

Not only has Big Mouth been renewed for a fourth season, but the series will also be returning for season 5 and 6!

It’s unusual for Netflix to renew a series beyond one season, so for Netflix to commit to three more seasons just goes to show how confident they are in Nick Kroll and Brutus Pink.

When is the Netflix release date for Big Mouth season 4?

After leaving Twitter in anticipation with its release date tease, we now finally confirm that Big Mouth season 4 is coming to Netflix on Friday, December 4th, 2020.

Who is in the cast of Big Mouth season 4?

The core cast will be returning for the fourth season of Big Mouth:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Nick | Maury the Hormone Monster | Various Nick Kroll Sausage Party | Adult Beginners | Sing
Andrew Glouberman John Mulaney Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse | SNL | Mulaney
Jessi Glaser Jessi Klein Inside Amy Schumer | Mash-Up | SNL
Jay Bilzerian Jason Mantzouka The Dictator | The House | The Lego Batman Movie
Elliot Birch Fred Armisen Anchorman: The Legend Continues | Easy A | SNL
Connie the Hormone Monstress Maya Rudolph Bridesmaids | Away We Go | The Way Way Back

In the wake of the Black Live Matter movement and a stronger need for representation, actress Jenny Slate has stepped down from her role as Missy. The actress has openly discussed her decision with numerous outlets, but went into further detail on Instagram.


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Replacing Jenny Slate as Missy is actress Ayo Edebiri. Her most recent work is starring in Cicada as Nikki and the Romantic Comedy, Shithouse, as Emily.

ayo edebiri big mouth missy

Ayo Edebiri will be the new voice of Missy. Copyright. Netflix

There have been some excellent guest voice actors over the past three seasons and we expect that to continue for season 4.

Nick Kroll also issued a statement on the controversy via Twitter:

What to expect from the fourth season of Big Mouth?

Each subsequent season gets ruder, raunchier and ridiculous than the last, and we love it.

At the end of the third season, we’ve seen Nick, Andrew, Jessi, Jay, and Missy go through all kinds of changes, and we’re not just talking about puberty.

Nick is on his way to Summer camp for six weeks but his friendship with Andrew came to a sad end. After chasing Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, Missy, then realizing he doesn’t actually want to be with her, even after receiving Andrew’s blessing, pushed his friend to the point of realization that Nick had been a very poor best friend. With their friendship broken, we can expect some hilariously awkward moments between the pair, especially between their respective hormone monsters. We expect Nick and Andrew to reconcile, but it may take something extra special do to so.

The climactic showdown of season 3 ended Nick and Andrew’s friendship – Copyright. Danger Goldberg Productions and Titmouse Inc.

Jessi and her Mom are moving into the city so we can expect to see Jessi have some very awkward moments as the new girl at her new school. They can’t keep Jessi away forever, so we could expect to see her move back to the suburbs before the seasons’ end.

Jessi is leaving!? We expect to see her again soon – Copyright. Danger Goldberg Productions and Titmouse Inc.

Missy, heartbroken by the actions of Nick, Andrew, and Lars, burns their pictures after her hormone monster persuaded her to. We could be about to see a radical change in Missy, especially with Mona the hormone monsters on her shoulder. Potentially rebellious, maybe a new look but she certainly won’t be taking crap from any of the boys next season.

Missy and Mona the Hormone Monster – Copyright. Danger Goldberg Productions and Titmouse Inc.

As for the hormone monsters, they’ll continue to support their kids the only way they know how… through sex and bad advice.

What is the production status of Big Mouth season 4?

Current Production Status: Unknown (Last Updated 14/10/2019)

It’s harder to find updates on the production status’ of animated series than other titles.

In March 28th, a table read was done via the Netflix Is A Joke channel that read through season 3 episode 6 entitled “How to Have an Orgasm”.

With a supposed late 2020 release date you can make the assumption that the majority of the production has been carried out.


Will Big Mouth crossover with characters from Human Resources?

You could already argue that Big Mouth has crossed over with Human Resources already… kind of. By this, we mean such creatures like the Hormone Monsters and The Shame Wizard likely come from the same world/dimension as the monsters seen in the teaser for Human Resources. We have already seen that the Hormone Monsters report to the ‘Puberty Division’ in their own world.

We’re not sure who or what characters we can expect to see from Human Resources but Big Mouth season 4 could introduce those characters in a back door pilot.

How many episodes will Big Mouth season 4 air?

If you exclude the one holiday special in the third season, Big Mouth has aired ten episodes each season.

We fully expect the fourth season to follow suit, and with the renewal of the series through to season six, that’s thirty more episodes to look forward to!

Are we receiving another holiday special?

For the third season, we received Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine as a Valentine holiday special but there’s no word on whether or not another holiday special is coming our way soon.

Holiday specials we are yet to see are:

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Independence Day

Any holiday special from the list above would be amazing and downright hilarious.

Has Netflix released a trailer for Big Mouth season 4?

We won’t see a full trailer for the fourth season of Big Mouth for quite some time.

Instead, how about some of your favorite moments from Maury the Hormone Monster!

Are you looking forward to the release of Big Mouth season 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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