‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Seasons 5-8: Will New Episodes Head to Netflix?

We look at the probability of later seasons of the comedy coming to Netflix in the US and where you can stream until then.

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Why Brooklyn Nine Nine Seasons 5 9 Arent On Netflix

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Continuing Netflix’s recent licensing pickups, Brooklyn Nine-Nine joined the Netflix US roster but notably missed some of the newer seasons.

In case you missed it, Netflix in the United States scooped up the streaming rights to the early seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in February 2024. Seasons 1 to 4 of the show were added to the service on the 26th. However, all the later NBC seasons and the last of the Fox seasons were notably not added.

Following the release of B-99 on Netflix, the show featured in the TV top 10s for 11 days.

Of course, this article is only relevant to Netflix in the United States. That’s because the US was the last to pick up the show. All other international regions of the streamer have had Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in some cases for nearly a decade, with regions like Australia and Latin America having streamed the show since 2015. The ninth and final season was added to Netflix internationally in early 2023.

Will Newer Seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine be on Netflix US?

Unfortunately, we don’t know whether more Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be coming to Netflix, but based on previous licensing, we predict that more will come. The reason why all eight seasons weren’t added initially comes down to exclusivity agreements.

This is pretty normal for Netflix’s NBCUniversal licensed shows, as we’ve found over the past year or so. In the case of Suits, it was added without the final ninth season, which continues to be locked with Amazon. Last year, Netflix picked up New Amsterdam in the US for the first time in January 2023, with new seasons being added in quick succession, with two more coming a month later and the final fifth season then arriving in September.

Should Netflix and NBC Universal come to an arrangement for newer Brooklyn Nine-Nine seasons, we predict they’ll be coming within the following year.

Where to watch the later season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ahead of Netflix release

Beyond buying the series, you only have one streaming option beyond waiting for Netflix to pick up newer seasons. That option is Peacock Premium (owned by NBC Universal), the only streamer that holds all eight seasons.

Hulu used to stream the show, but it was ultimately removed in 2022.

When could Brooklyn Nine-Nine leave Netflix?

Should no additional seasons be licensed to Netflix, our understanding is that Netflix only picked up the seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine it does have on a short license (for a year), meaning that if nothing changes, the show will be pulled from the service as early as February 26th, 2025.

Do you want to see more seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine added to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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