Chelsea Handler’s Gotta Go App Actually Exists

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If you’re binging through Netflix latest original series, Chelsea Does then you’re probably having a look for the application Chelsea had a hand in creating in the second episode. Well guess what, it exists!

In episode 2 of the 4 episodes now available on Netflix, Chelsea goes to Silicon Valley to learn about technology and how it’s advancing. As part of this learning experience of Silicon Valley Chelsea visited the Netflix headquaters and had an interview with Reed Hastings along with an awkward conversation with an Netflix employee in the hallway. After this she decides to take it upon herself to go away and design and application while then pitching it to a venture capitalist company.

Her app idea was to circumvent being at events but specifically, children’s parties. What this would allow you to do is set up a timer to get texts or calls to you midway through an event to give you an excuse to leave. We figured that the application, developed by Yeti, would’ve been forgotten but it turns out they’ve actually gone and published it but only for iPhone users.

Currently available on the App Store for iPhone’s for the grand price of free, it’s expanded a bit since we saw it on Chelsea Does and we’re happy it’s published. Here’s what the official app says : “Creating an excuse is easy! Choose an emoji and craft a story by adding messages and calls. Add the special contact number to your address book and set the alarm. Your excuse will be delivered to you as actual text messages and phone calls from your newly created contact, all the proof you need to smoothly exit an awkward situation.”

It even has an official website too so go ahead and download the application and let us know what you think!

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