‘Crash Course in Romance’ K-Drama Coming to Netflix Weekly from January 2023

k-drama 'Crash Course in Romance' is coming to Netflix weekly from January 2023.

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crash course in romance netflix k drama series

Arriving on Netflix this January is the upcoming k-drama Crash Course in Romance. With two episodes available weekly every Saturday and Sunday, subscribers will have plenty to look forward to on the weekend.

Crash Course in Romance is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean Netflix original drama series directed by Yoo Je Won, and written by screenwriter Yang Hee Seung.

When is Crash Course in Romance coming to Netflix?

The first episode of Crash Course in Romance will be released on Netflix on Saturday, January 14th, 2023.

Crash Course in Romance will have a total of 16 episodes that will be released over the course of eight weeks. Runtimes haven’t been revealed, but we would expect each episode to have a runtime of 60-80 minutes.

New episodes will be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

What is the episode release schedule?

Episodes of Crash Course in Romance will be available the same day as the South Korean broadcast on the cable television network tvN.

Episode Release Date
1 January 14th
2 January 15th
3 January 21st
4 January 22nd
5 January 28th
6 January 29th
7 February 4th
8 February 5th
9 February 11th
10 February 12th
11 February 18th
12 February 19th
13 February 25th
14 February 26th
15 March 4th
16 March 5th

What is the plot of Crash Course in Romance?

A character description and synopsis for Crash Course in Romance have been sourced from AsianWiki:

Nam Haeng Sun used to be a national athlete. She now runs a side dish store. She has a super positive personality and unlimited like stamina. She takes another turn and enters the private education field, which is for students preparing for their university entrance exam. Unexpectedly, Nam Haeng Sun gets involved with Choi Chi Yeol.

Choi Chi Yeol is a popular instructor in the private education field and is known as Ilta Instructor (most popular instructor). He works hard at his job. As an instructor to his students, he speaks without reserve and implements showmanship in his lessons. He has accumulated wealth and fame as a popular instructor, but, with increasing success, he has become more sensitive, prickly, and indifferent to people. He then meets Nam Haeng Sun with her super positive personality and never ending stamina. The relationship between Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol develops romantically.

A smaller synopsis from Netflix is also available:

A mother with a heart of gold navigates the cutthroat world of private education when her daughter tries to join a celebrity math instructor’s class.

Who are the cast members of Crash Course in Romance?

Jeon Do Yeon plays the lead role of Nam Haeng Seon. Crash Course in Romance will be her official Netflix debut. Later this year subscribers can also look forward to seeing more Jeon Do Yeon on Netflix as she stars in the upcoming movie Kill Bok Soon.

crash course in romance netflix k drama series jeon do yeon

Pictured: Jeon Do Yeon

Jung Kyung Ho plays the lead role of Choi Chi Yeol. The actor was recently seen on Netflix in both seasons of Hospital Playlist as Kim Jun Wan. He has also starred in Crash Landing on You, and in Prison Playbook.

crash course in romance netflix k drama series jung kyung ho

Pictured: Jung Kyung Ho

Recently seen in 20th Century Girl and in Our Blues, actress Ro Yoon Seo has been cast in the role of Nam Hae Yi.

crash course in romance netflix k drama series roh yoon seo

Pictured: Ro Yoon Seo

Netflix subscribers should be familiar with Lee Bong Ryun, who has starred in a handful of originals. The actress has been seen in shows such as Narco-Saints, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Sweet Home, and Run On. Lee Bong Ryun will play the role of Kim Young Joo.

crash course in romance netflix k drama series lee bong ryun

Pictured: Lee Bong Ryun

Oh Eui Shik will play the supporting role of Nam Jae Woo. For Netflix you can catch Oh Eui Shik in originals such as Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Hi Bye, Mama!, Romance Is a Bonus Book, and The Hymn of Death.

crash course in romance netflix k drama series oh eui shik

Pictured: Oh Eui Shik

Also in the cast of Crash Course in Romance are;

  • Shin Jae Ha as Ji Dong Hee
  • Jang Young Nam as Jang Seo Jin
  • Kim Sun Young as Cho Soo Hee
  • Hwang Bo Ra as Lee Mi Ok
  • Heo Jung So as Kang Jun Sang
  • Ji Il Joo as Jin Yi Sang
  • Kim Da Hwin as Jeon Jong Ryeol
  • Lee Min Jae as Seo Geon Hoo
  • Lee Chae Min as Lee Seon Jae
  • Kang Na Eon as Bang Soo Ah
  • Kim Tae Jung as Lee Hee Jae

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