‘Deadwind’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in July 2020

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Deadwind – Picture: Yle

Finnish crime drama Deadwind has finally gotten its global Netflix release date having recently aired the second season on its home TV network in Finland. Every episode of season two will be on Netflix on July 1st, 2020 globally. 

Similar to Scani-crime dramas The Bridge and The Killing, Deadwind first hit Netflix back in August 2018. It’s a crime drama about a pair of detectives working in the Helsinki Police Department.

The show carries the Netflix Original branding internationally but is not a full Netflix Original. It falls into the Netflix Original category of being internationally distributed. That means we could eventually see the series pulled from Netflix in the future but that’s a story for at least several years down the road.

Deadwind is one of the two Finnish shows to come to Netflix as part of the Netflix Original lineup with the other being Bordertown which ran for three seasons.

The second season aired on Yle which serves as Finland’s national broadcaster back in April 2020. Netflix has yet to commission a full Netflix Original from the Nordic region.

What to expect from season two of Deadwind on Netflix

The second season consists of eight episodes in total with each averaging around 40 to 45 minutes in length. It sees the two new bodies show up and it’s down to Karppi and Nurmi to begin searching for clues. Throughout the series, there’s plenty of twists reading the series synopsis’s and reviews continue to be strong.

Here’s the full synopsis for season two as provided by Yle (translated into English):

“The super-popular crime series Carp continues. Criminal investigator Sofia Karp’s (Pihla Viitala) winter holiday will be canceled when two bodies are found on the construction sites of the tunnel planned under the Gulf of Finland, one in Helsinki and the other in Tallinn. The murders concern Sara Tulisuoto (Leena Pöysti), the mayor of Helsinki driving the tunnel, who is also wrestling with corruption charges. Karppi and his co-worker Sakari Nurmi (Lauri Tilkanen) set out to investigate drug-related-related homicides until a new brutal murder takes place, which upset Karppi to the core.”

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