‘Devil May Cry’ Netflix Series: Everything We Know So Far

We got an extended look at the new animation series at Geeked Week.

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devil may cry netflix series everything we know so far

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Netflix officially confirmed Adi Shankar’s anime adaptation of Capcom’s beloved Devil May Cry video game is coming to the stream during the DROP 01 event. At Geeked Week, we looked further at the brand-new series. Here’s everything we know so far about Devil May Cry.

The Devil May Cry anime was first teased by Adi Shankar in October 2018, and a month later, it was officially announced he would adapt the video game into an anime series. Details were extremely limited over the next few years as the next we heard about the series until 2023 was in October 2021 when Alex Larson was named a writer and development partner.

The first look for the new series came via DROP 01, a Netflix live-stream event where they debuted a bunch of news and first looks for a bunch of animated titles. Think of it like a Nintendo Direct-style event.

At Geeked Week 2023, we got an additional look at the new series, so let’s dive into everything shown off there and everything else currently known about the new Devil May Cry anime series.

What is Devil May Cry?

Hideki Kamiya created Devil May Cry, one of Capcom’s most popular video game franchises. Over the past 22 years, including special editions, HD remasters, and mobile games, Devil May Cry has released 14 titles. Over 29 million copies have been sold worldwide.

This animated adult series, set to consist of eight episodes, has the following logline giving you a small taste of what the story will be about:

“Sinister forces are at play to open the portal between human and demon realms. In the middle of it all is Dante, an orphaned demon-hunter-for-hire, anaware that the fate of both worlds hangs around his neck.”

adi shankars devil may cry anime on netflix everything we know so far

Picture: Devil May Cry – Capcom

Who is behind Netflix’s Devil May Cry series?

Adi Shankar is the main creative force behind the new animated series for Capcom and Netflix. Shankar is no stranger to Netflix, having worked on the original Castlevania series and more recently served as creative director on the excellent Captain Laserhawk series that saw many Ubisoft characters bought together in a mash-up like no other. Shankar is also rumored to be working on an Assassin’s Creed animated project for Netflix.

His animation studio, Shankar Animation, and South Korean animation studio, Studio Mir, are the two studios working on the adaptation.

Talking about the project at Geeked Week 2023, Shankar said, “Our goal wasn’t just to pump out another animated show. My goal is to make one of the best shows on the Netflix platform. Period. We had awesome partners in Studio Mir. They are one of, if not the best, animation studios that does this type of work. Their portfolio of hit after hit after hit speaks for itself.”

Who is in the voice cast for Devil May Cry

The voice for the series remains under wraps at the moment.

Fan favorites such as Virgil and Lady will feature in the series.

How many seasons will Devil May Cry have?

Fans can look forward to more than its eight-episode first season, with Shankar already revealing that the story will ultimately be told over a “multi-season arc.”

Are you looking forward to watching Devil May Cry on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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