Fans Ask Netflix to Revive Beauty and the Beast

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Another fan campaign has been gaining ground over the past week for Netflix, among other providers, to pick up Beauty and the Beast. In the past, these fan campaigns have resulted in mix results. Let’s take a look at what people are saying and the chances on The CW show being picked up.

Quick background on the show. Not to be confused with the Disney animated movie or the upcoming Disney live-action movie, the CW’s series starred Kristen Kreuk (Smallville) and Jay Ryan (Go Girls) takes a similar sort of premise where a detective falls for a soldier who’s been turned into a mechanically charged beast.

The series concluded last September 2016 after four seasons. Reasons for the cancellation are thought to be surrounding it’s dwindling viewership which was butchered after the first season. It would have been canceled a lot sooner if it were not for its vocal support which is now trying to get it renewed once again.

Although there’s no official petition like the other shows that have been put forward to Netflix, it does have a strong presence on social media, especially twitter.

Here’s what some of the fans have been saying.

What’s the likelihood of it happening? Honestly, pretty small. Netflix has shifted in the past two years from picking up previously established shows and begun creating their own. That plus the low viewing figures makes it a hard sell.

The only solace is that Netflix entered into a brand new deal with The CW last year which could lead to favorable negotiation surrounding titles. Although Netflix has less reason to chase ratings like traditional cable channels, it still has to pay off its investment.

A few shows Netflix has picked up thanks to fan campaigning in part have been Arrested Development, Fuller House and Longmire.

Fans Ask Netflix to Revive Beauty and the Beast

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