‘Hannah Montana’ isn’t coming to Netflix in November

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Despite rumours circulating around the internet, Hannah Montana is not coming to Netflix in November. The announced releases for November for almost every country didn’t include Hannah Montana. 

The popular Disney channel series has now been off the air for over 7 years with a 4 season run between 2006 and 2011. The series has retained its popularity partially because of the global pop sensation that its lead star turned into. Hannah Montana was about a girl living two lives. One as a global superstar and the other as a normal girl trying to hide her secret identity.

The rumour looks to have started with Twitter with a Tweet that has now garnered over 100,000 likes since its posting. It states that Hannah Montana is coming to Netflix neither citing a source or whether it pertains to the series or the movie.


It’s not the only rumour that Netflix is tied up at the moment. Last week, several outlets posted that all eight of the Harry Potter movies are coming to Netflix. Sadly, that’s not the case as Netflix is only getting the movies but for those in France and Belgium. With this rumour, however, it’s not actually based on anything.

The series actually doesn’t have a streaming home as of the time of writing. That means you can only watch through video-on-demand services. We agree with Decider who says that the series is likely to wind up on the upcoming Disney streaming service.

Is the movie coming instead?

At the moment, it doesn’t look as though the movie is coming to Netflix again anytime soon either. Netflix did have the movie throughout 2017 but lost it in September.

The movie moved over to Hulu shortly afterwards and is still streaming there in the United States to this day.

Netflix does have plenty of Disney movies on the way with the remainder of the theatrical releases still to come including Wreck-It Ralph 2, The Incredibles 2 and Mary Poppin Returns.

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