‘The Other Side of The Wind’: Everything We Know So Far

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There aren’t many directors out there with the ability to release a movie decades after dying but legendary film director Orson Welles is doing just that. Upcoming Netflix Original The Other Side of The Wind is very last film directed by Orson Welles. Here’s everything we know so far about The Other Side of The Wind.

Some will know the significance and importance of the release of this movie. For those who do not know of Orson Welles, he is a legendary film director and actor between the years of 1940 and 1970. His greatest cinematic achievement came from his most well-known film, Citizen Kane. While some may argue that his subsequent films would not reach the same legendary status as 1941 classic, Orson Welles would still go down as one the most legendary directors to have ever lived.

With the death of Orson Welles in 1985 the film was not expected to see the light of day, so for the film to be released four decades after production ended is incredible.

What is The Other Side of the Wind?

The Other Side of The Wind was the very last film Orson Welles directed. The feeling of the film really shows the changing of the guard with filmmakers during the 1960s and 70s. While the film isn’t about Orson Welles himself, this is a great example of how cinema began to change from the studio system of Classic Hollywood to a new age of film-making.

What is the plot?

John Huston stars as aging film director Jake Hannaford. In an attempt to revive his career after his long exile from Hollywood, he tries to create a brand new film bolder than any he has made before. The title of the film is The Other Side of The Wind. Mostly taking place at a party for Hannaford’s 70th birthday, his unfinished film is being screened during the party. It’s a ridiculously ambitious work of cinematic art, and the attendants are struggling to comprehend his brand of brilliance. Is he a genius or is he just unhinged?

A Film Wrapped in Controversy

There is a long timeline of events that caused this movie to not see the light of day for so many years. Netflix will also be releasing a documentary alongside the release of The Other Side of The Wind. The documentary is an in-depth look into the final 15 years of Orson Welles’ life and his attempt at a Hollywood comeback.

In total it took five and a half years for the film to finish production. Principal photography began in August of 1970 and would not be completed until January of 1976. During this time Welles was hit with an IRS audit and he struggled to find funding for the film. The funding he gained from various sources led to further controversy down the line.

Issues with Funding

Welles garnered funding from Les Films de l’Astrophore (funded by Iranian money) and Spanish producer Andres Vicente Gomez. The remaining third he procured himself. Two years later Gomez would leave the project after embezzling $250,000 of the budget and never contributing his promised capital. These events left Mehdi Busheri to come up with the remaining cash needed to complete the project. This would later lead to a legal dispute of ownership.

A Film 40 Years in the Making

Over the course of the next few decades, the film would continuously be delayed due to a legal dispute with Welles’ daughter Beatrice Welles. After many attempts to gain access to the footage they needed to edit the film, it wasn’t until around 2008 to 2011 that actor/director Peter Bogdanovich gained access to ten hours of raw footage. After a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 for the footage to be digitally scanned and turned into 4K failed, it was looking bleak for the film to ever be released.

It wasn’t until 2016 that it was announced that Netflix had gotten involved in the enterprise. In a $5 million dollar deal, Netflix finished the project and announced the release of The Other Side of The Wind would be accompanied by the documentary They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead. The documentary itself is a detailed account of the creation of the movie and the last 15 years of Welles’ life.

How have critics received it?

The film currently holds a rating of 7.4 on IMDB and an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. The general consensus from critics is an appreciation of the ambition Welles had. While some can tell the movie itself wasn’t finished by the director himself, they still enjoyed it nonetheless.

The Trailer

A trailer dropped at the end of August. Since its release, the film has been highly anticipated by many moviegoers.

When is the release date?

Both The Other Side of The Wind and They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead will be released on the 2nd of November.

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