How Long Will ‘Suits’ Stay on Netflix For?

Most will be able to stream the show for at least another one to two years.

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how long will suits remain on netflix

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Suits has become a sensation over the summer, topping Nielsen’s charts, but how much longer will Netflix be streaming the legal drama given that there’s now word that NBC Universal plans to produce a new Suits series? Here’s what we know.

In case you missed it, Netflix in the United States snatched the streaming rights to seasons 1 through 8 (season 9 remains on Prime Video, where the series resided before its move) in June 2023. This was on a non-exclusive basis, with the series continuing to stream on Peacock, the streaming service owned by NBC Universal.

Since its addition, the series has topped the Nielsen top 10s for a total of 12 weeks before finally getting toppled by Virgin River.

Those internationally will have been confused by the news of Suits rocketing up the Netflix charts, given that most regions have had access to all nine seasons for years now, with many having received later seasons on a weekly basis back when they aired.

Announced yesterday, Suits is planned to get an “expansion” (not a reboot or spin-off) like how CSI and NCIS expanded over the past few decades. Series creator Aaron Korsh will be helming the new series with no network or streamer officially attached. We imagine that Netflix will be eying the series after the summer’s success of the original.

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A quick note before we dive into the current removal dates for Suits. Removals on Netflix (as we cover in our leaving section soon) are always subject to change and renewal.

When will Suits leave Netflix in the US?

Let’s start off with the US, who picked up the show on June 1st, 2023. We’re told that the series was licensed to Netflix on a two-year license which means it’s currently scheduled to leave Netflix in the Summer of 2025.

Our intel suggests the current removal date listed within Netflix is July 1st, 2025.

We’ve already noted it above, but given that season 9 of Suits may come to Netflix once its license to Prime Video expires, we may see the removal date pushed back even further.

When will Suits leave Netflix internationally?

Internationally, the show is licensed separately and still on its old existing license. Most countries, like the United Kingdom, have been streaming the show since 2014, with new seasons coming every year thereafter.

Season 9 landed on the majority of regions by the end of 2019. From then, we’re told the show is on a five-year license, meaning it will expire from Netflix in international territories in late 2024. In the UK, the removal date is currently set to for mid-September 2024.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the removal of Suits from Netflix in this article and our meaning leaving soon section as and when we get more.

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