‘Kleo’ Season 2 To Release on Netflix in 2024

The hunt for the red suitcase continues...

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kleo season 2 production begins coming in 2024

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Production has now started on Kleo season 2, with the German-language spy-thriller set to arrive on Netflix globally at some point in 2024. Here’s a rundown of what we know so far about the second season. 

The show’s renewal came in September 2022 via Deadline following its premiere a month earlier, on August 19, 2022, on Netflix globally. Hanno Hackfort, Richard Kropf, and Bob Konrad would continue their duties as showrunners and writers for the new season.

The 8-episode first season is set after the fall of the Berlin Wall and sees a spy killer who is set free only for her to hunt down and score revenge on those who betrayed her. It’s very much Netflix’s equivalent of Quentin Tarantino’s epic, Kill Bill.

After its release, the show scored a slew of good reviews from critics and audiences alike and gained a recommendation from prolific writer Stephen King, too. It currently sits at 7.5/10 on IMDb.

It went on to pick up 34.33 million hours watched globally across two weeks in the top 10s between August 21 and September 4. FlixPatrol data (paywalled) suggests the series performed best in German language countries but did feature in dozens of countries’ top 10s, although only for a handful of days. In Germany, the show remained in the TV top 10s for 29 days in total.

Production began on Kleo Season 2 in July

Filming has been taking place over the summer, with shooting specifically taking place in Berlin and Brandenburg. It’s set to continue into the fall, with the production moving to Belgrade in Serbia.

On social media on October 11, 2023, Netflix released some behind-the-scenes footage of the new season alongside a blog post about production beginning on the next season. The Netflix application now confirms that season 2 will be released in 2024.

The clapperboard for the episode that was filmed for Kleo season 2 confirms that Isabel Braak and Nina Vukavoic are directing.

kleo season 2 first look behind the scenes 2

Behind-the-scenes filming on Kleo season 2

kleo season 2 first look behind the scenes 1

Behind-the-scenes filming on Kleo season 2

The footage can be found on Netflix’s German-language YouTube channel (no English-language equivalent was uploaded):

What to Expect from Kleo Season 2 on Netflix

In the concluding minutes of Kleo season 1 which serves as an epilogue, Min, having secretly exchanged Margot’s briefcase with a twin containing toilet paper during her journey, hands it over to a CIA representative.

Uwe Mittig will be a big feature in season 2, with the Stasi agent having survived his ordeal in season 1 and was seen at the end of episode 8 plotting his own revenge.

The aforementioned blog post from Netflix provided some hints at what we can expect from the second season: “The vendetta continues at a fast pace, taking Kleo to Belgrade and Moscow in Season 2 – and to a crossroads between the past and the possible future.”

kleo netlfix

Picture: Netflix

For a full list of Netflix shows coming back for new seasons, check out our renewal guide for 2023 here. Other returning German titles include The Empress (which also has begun filming its second season) and How to Sell Drugs Online.

Are you looking forward to seeing Kleo return in 2024? Let us know in the comments.

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