Love, Death & Robots Episode 5: Sucker of Souls Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the fifth episode of Love, Death and Robots we’re on hand to assist! We’ll be covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Sucker of Souls.

A team of Mercenaries are hired to help a Doctor and his assistant Simon in searching for ancient texts of Vlad the Impaler. But what awaits them inside the fortress of Dracula is more horrifying then they could have imagined.

Ending Explained

After escaping from Dracula’s clutches the Doc and Flynn are able to make it back to Gary and Micky. Quickly catching the 2 mercenaries with the situation, they devise a plan to escape from Dracula’s fortress. Flynn and Micky cause a distraction while Gary delightfully sets her C4 up to blow. Doc leads them through a tunnel to escape the room, meanwhile, Dracula bursts through the door but is distracted by C4. The C4 charge blows and annihilates Dracula, incinerating his entire body and presumably leaving him for dead.

The Draculas

As the team makes their escape, the ensuing blast is ginormous and they barely survive the cave-in of the collapsing tunnel. Just as Flynn lights a flare and asks where they are, the Doc states they should be in the cells but before he can finish his sentence more ‘Draculas’ lurk above. Even with the cat perched on Doc’s shoulder isn’t enough to frighten the Draculas away. The last we hear is the roar of the creatures and the remaining bullets being fired.

Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula – Copyright. Netflix

When Micky asked the Doc earlier if the creature is “a Dracula”, this would heavily imply the vampires of their world are called as such after the original himself. Therefore the ‘Vampires’ we see by the end of the episode are not ‘Vampires’ and are instead Draculas. Vlad (Dracula) used the cells of his fortress to create such creatures for his army. Unfortunately for the team, they run into a swarm of Draculas to which it is heavily implied escape is impossible and they will be eaten by the swarm.

The opening to the episode would have been Doc and Flynn running away from The Dracula after it ate Simon. Sadly this wouldn’t have been them escaping from the cells at the end, therefore, they would have perished alongside Gary and Micky. Even though the team had a cat, the Draculas appeared to not share the weakness of ‘The Dracula.’

As for Dracula, the sheer size of the blast definitely killed him, his entire body was disintegrated by the blast but it mattered not as more creatures lurked in the dark.

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