Love, Death & Robots Episode 8: Good Hunting Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the eighth episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ll be covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Good Hunting.

In a tragic twist of fate, Liang the son of a spirit hunter befriends and forms a strong bond with a shapeshifting Huli Jing.

Ending Explained

After leaving their village Liang had grown to become an engineer working on English trains. Meanwhile, Yan had become a sex worker for English clients, ironically targeting and seducing men so that she can survive. Thanks to the industrial revolution magic continues to be stripped from the world stopping Yan from transforming into her Huli Jing form. Yan expresses her desire to hunt but can no longer take part.

Liang’s skills grow as he creates autonomous machines, using his skills to bring them to ‘life’ they were almost magic like. One night Yan arrives at Liang’s home and reveals to her old friend her body had been transformed into a machine. A client of Yan’s drugged her and the procedure was forced upon her just because he could only become erect by sleeping with a machine. Refusing to lay with the client any further, in a bout of rage, she ripped apart his jaw, igniting her feral desire to hunt once more. She asks for Liang’s help so that she can hunt the evil men that prey upon the weak.

Good Hunting

Through Liang’s skill, he produces a brand new body for Yan, one that would allow her to hunt. Yan through the use of her new body can transform into her Huli Jing form and hunt freely in the city of Hong Kong. Wishing her a “Good Hunting,” Liang watches as Yan flies from rooftop to rooftop. Meanwhile, a distressed woman runs through the streets of Hong Kong. The woman reaches a dead end and is approached by the group of men chasing her. Before the men can do any harm Yan arrives in her Huli Jing form hunting the men that dare do harm.

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A Beautiful and cruel irony

The ending is laden with irony as is the story throughout. By Liang crafting a body for Yan to hunt men, he has gone against his father’s wishes and now helps the Huli Jing he once would have hunted. His father believed the stories of Huli Jing seducing men and feeding on them for their ‘evil’ magic which clearly wasn’t the case. The irony for Yan is she has now become the thing she once protested she wasn’t. Now having a form she can use to hunt, her prey has become men, hunting those that would defile women.

Liang and Yan would likely continue their friendship if possible. Yan now an autonomous machine will likely live forever, free to hunt who she wishes.

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