‘Manifest’ Season 4 To Resume Filming in January 2022; New Characters Revealed

We've got news about when Manifest season 4 will continue filming and some new characters that will feature in season 4.

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manifest season 4 resumes filming in january 2022 netflix

Manifest – Picture: Warner Brothers Television

Manifest season 4 will pick back up filming in January 2022. We’ve also got some news about some characters that are set to feature in season 4 plus another director who will be working on the fourth and final Netflix series.

Quick context before we dive into the news for Manifest season 4.

Netflix managed to revive Manifest from NBC over the summer after scoring big numbers when it was released on Netflix in the US and Canada. It’s been renewed for a fourth and supersized final season that’s likely due to release in 2022 (and later for some regions).

Filming kicked off on the fourth season backing November 2021 but as with most productions, has taken a break over the Christmas holidays. We don’t know exactly how far filming has gotten nor do we know when it’s scheduled to wrap up.

What we do know is that the plan is to pick up filming again on Manifest season 4 on January 10th, 2022 assuming all things go to plan.

Jeff Rake most recently took to Twitter on Christmas Day to wish Manifesters a Merry Christmas and promises that “Your gift is in the works!”

The show films exclusively in New York with most of the production taking place at Silver Cup Studios.

New Characters To Feature in Manifest Season 4

We can also reveal a few new characters that will feature (albeit in very minor roles in season 4).

The first is Kyle Boyd who was a passenger on Flight 828. The character description notes that Kyle is not attending his regularly scheduled 828 registry appointments as he’s supposed to. Additional notes state that he’s “Indigenous from the Hopi Tribe and white.”

Two minor characters that will also feature in season 4 will include Tela and June. Tela is an Indigenous from the Shinnecock Indian Nation and June is an Indigenous from the Hopi Tribe and “infirmed in a hospital bed”.

These three new characters aren’t the only new characters to feature in season 4. In November we reported that Henry Kim is another character to feature in season 4.

SJ Main Muñoz to direct an episode of Manifest Season 4

sj munoz manifest director

SJ Munoz

SJ Main Muñoz will be a director in season 4 of Manifest which will mark her first episode in the series to date. She’s predominantly known for writing and directing short films but in recent years has directed episodes of The Rookie, Chicago Med and P.D. plus Ordinary Joe.

In other Manifest news, a slew of Netflix regions will see seasons 1 and 2 added to the service on January 1st, 2022 as the license swaps from previous owners over to Netflix.

We’ll keep you posted on all things Manifest as and when we learn about it. We’ll be updating our central Manifest season 4 preview in the coming days.

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