Netflix Shows at Risk of Cancelation in 2022

Black Summer, Another Life, The Politician and a host of other Netflix shows which could face cancelation or already have been.

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netflix shows risk of cancelation 2022

As the year winds down, we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the coming year with plenty of returning shows. There are a lot of shows that have still yet to have their futures officially announced but for this list of titles, we suspect they’re potentially at risk of being canceled.

We should note that this list is not privy to any inside information on these shows and is purely speculation. With that said, we do try to use top 10 data and production knowledge to indicate whether a show is going to be renewed or not.

For a list of actual cancelations on Netflix in 2021, head over to our Netflix 2021 cancelation list.

Gentefied Season 3

gentefied risk of cancelation netflix

Despite being a critical darling, the comedy-drama series Gentefied barely even registered when its second season came out in November 2021. It’s only scored 9 days in the top 10s in the US total with it failing to reach the top 10s internationally.

As we mentioned, this show is a critical darling particularly given it covers LatinX issues. Season 2 seemed unlikely at the time so perhaps Gentefied can defy expectations again for a third season but at this point, it’s not looking good.

Black Summer Season 3

black summer season 3 netflix renewal status and release date rose

Once again, we were somewhat surprised Black Summer made it to a second season given the first received a somewhat lukewarm reception. Nevertheless, the second season of Black Summer premiered in June 2021 and this time, thanks to top 10 data, we can see it didn’t quite make a splash like Netflix would’ve wanted.

The second season did feature in the US and UK top 10s (14 days for the former and 12 days for the latter) before dropping out and as we’ve seen, Netflix tends to like shows being sticky for a few weeks (usually 28 days) for a second season to be justified.

The Asylum is behind the show so perhaps they can do a third season on a shoestring budget but numbers suggest that it may be the end of the road for Black Summer.

Another Life Season 3

another life season 3 renewal

It may be the end of the road for Another Life if a Tweet from Katee Sackhoff is to be believed. Frankly, this is another title that probably shouldn’t have got a second season given its review scores and rather lackluster impact on the zeitgeist at the time.

The show was renewed, though, and this time we got to see numbers for season 2 and they weren’t particularly strong after its debut in October 2021. It registered in Netflix’s new hourly data between October 17th and October 24th pulling in 15.76 million hours but quickly fell out.

Top 10 data is equally disappointing with the show registering in lots of regions but only for a few days at most.

Master of None Season 4

master of none season 4

Aziz Ansari’s award-winning Master of None was on a very long hiatus with season 2 having aired all the way back in 2017. Season 3 wasn’t a traditional season of the show with it instead being dubbed Master of None Presents: Moments in Love with the series opting to focus on Denise and Alicia instead of Dev (who does still feature but in a lesser role).

Top 10 figures weren’t particularly strong for the latest season and with the cloud that still rightly or wrongly lingers over Aziz Ansari, season 3 could be the end.

Paradise PD Season 4

paradise pd netflix

Released in March 2021, the third season of Paradise PD carried on the show’s batshit-crazy story but will there be a fourth season? That seems unclear right now with no news announced since its arrival.

It could be the case that the show has ended in favor of new projects from the creators of the show including the already announced Farzar which is being helmed by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black who work at Netflix under overall deals.

Q-Force Season 2

q force season 2

When trailers for Q-Force first dropped, people wondered if Netflix had completely lost touch with reality. The series landed a few weeks later and turned many naysayers into lovers of the show but was the damage done? Review scores differed wildly with audience scores being largely positive and critics being largely negative.

With all that said, the show failed to make any kind of impact on the top 10s and unless the show got an upfront order, it’s hard to see there’s enough of an audience to keep it going.

Ratched Season 2

best netflix tv villains nurse ratched ratched

OK, this one is technically renewed as it was given an initial two-season order upfront.

With that said, we’re well over a year and a bit later from the first season airing and we’re yet to hear of what’s actually happening with the show regarding any production news or development. We do know the cast and crew are very busy with other projects but could that mean that Ratched actually gets a renewal reversal? We’ll have to wait and see.

Other Shows Expected to Have Been Canceled at Netflix

They’re the headline predictions but there’s been a host of other shows with no renewal news in some cases years after their last seasons aired. Let’s run through some of them now:

  • Sneakerheads Season 2
  • Brews Brothers Season 2
  • Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun Season 2
  • Medical Police Season 2
  • Huge in France Season 2
  • The Healing Powers of Dude Season 2
  • It’s Bruno! Season 2
  • Wu Assassins Season 2 (although we are getting a movie)
  • The Letter for the King Season 2
  • Living with Yourself Season 2
  • The Politician Season 3
  • The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show Season 2
  • Neo Yokio Season 3
  • The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Are there any other shows you think are at risk of cancelation at Netflix right now? Let us know in the comments down below.

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