My First First Love Season 1: Netflix Release Date, K-Drama, Plot, Cast & Trailer

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My First Love Season 1 Netflix

Netflix has stepped up its efforts globally to acquire some of the best titles from all across the world. The rise of K-Drama popularity in the west has become evident with the number of titles available to stream on Netflix. This trend looks to continue with the impending release of My First Love. Here’s everything you need to know on My First Love including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

My First First Love is an upcoming Netflix Original K-Drama created by Jun Hyun-jung. The K-Drama is the fifth Korean Original to arrive on Netflix popular titles such as Persona and Kingdom.

What is the plot of My First First Love?

The story of My First First Love will explore the concept of first loves from the perspective of five different college students.

When Yoon Tae-oh’s friends move into his home, it isn’t long before feelings of love arise and friendships are tested. As the group of friends learns what it means to be loved for the first time, they must also learn the value of their friendship.

Who is in the cast of My First First Love?

For big fans of K-Dramas there will be some familiar names you’ll recognize in the list below:

Role Cast Member Where have I seen/heard them before?
Yoon Tae-oh Ji Soo Glory Day | Strong Woman Do Bong-soon | Fantastic
Han Song-yi Jung Chae-yeon Drinking Solo | 109 Strange Things | Marry Me Now
Seo Do-hyun Jung Jin-young Man of Will | Moonlight Drawn by Clouds | The Dude in Me
Oh Ga-rin Choi Ri Spirits’ Homecoming | Come and Hug Me | Witch’s Court
Choi Hoon Kang Tae-oh That Man Oh Soo | Busted! I Know Who You Are! | To Be Continued
Ryu Se-hyun Hong Ji-yoon What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim | Return | Bad Guys: Vile City
Ga Rin’s Mother Jeon Su-Kyeong Finding Mr. Destiny | Chicago Typewriter | Venus and Mars


What’s the subscriber anticipation for My First First Love?

There isn’t too much fanfare online for the release of My First Love. We expect there to be plenty more said about the title from subscribers once the series is released.

The author behind Netflix fan favorite To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is showcasing her support for her cousin that helped produce My First FIrst Love.

How many episodes will My First First Love Season 1 air?

We have confirmation that the first season of My First Love will arrive with 8 episodes! The entire season will be available to stream upon release.

What is the run time for each episode?

The official run time for episodes of My First Love is yet to be confirmed.

Is there a trailer for My First First Love?

With the release date, imminent Netflix has finally released a trailer for My First First Love. Fans of K-Dramas will definitely be head over heels for this latest Netflix Original.

When is the release date for My First First Love Season 1?

The first season of My First First Love will arrive on Thursday, 18th of April. My First Love will be available to subscribers worldwide as the series is a global original.

All 8 episodes will be available to stream upon release.

Any word on a potential Season 2 of My First First Love?

Netflix only on the rarest of occasions bulk order seasons for titles. We’ll be expecting of least a month after release before any news for another season will arrive. One thing to consider though is the popularity level K-Dramas have on Netflix. If My First FIrst Love becomes a beloved show amongst K-Drama fans then we fully expect the series to be renewed.

Are you looking forward to the release of My First First Love? Let us know in the comments below!