‘Myron Bolitar’ Harlan Coben Netflix Series: What We Know So Far

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Myron Bolitar Netflix Series Harlan Coben

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Netflix and acclaimed author Harlan Coben, one of the firmest partnerships on the streamer, strike again. This time the streamer is developing Coben’s long-running Myron Bolitar series, which will be the first one to not be a limited series and the first one to be set in the US.

As Coben revealed to Deadline, currently, there are no writers and directors attached, and he himself isn’t entirely sure whether he’ll be on the writing team. Nevertheless, he has commented on this partnership with Netflix:

Myron Bolitar is dear to my heart. I’ve written 34 books, a third of them involved Myron Bolitar; he is my most prized possession, and I’m really happy now that it’s in the Netflix camp, so that we can work hard on making it right. It’s one of the properties I’ve probably been a little bit more precious about. It’s easier to move a story like The Stranger or Stay Close to another country. Myron being a series character that people read over and over again, takes a little bit more care and has to be in the USA. So I’m very excited about getting started on that.

So far, seven of Coben’s novels have been turned into Netflix limited series: three in the UK (Safe, in 2018; The Stranger, 2020; Stay Close, 2021), two in Poland (The Woods, 2020; and Hold Tight, 2022) as well as one each in Spain (The Innocent, 2021) and France (Gone For Good, 2021).

What’s the plot of Myron Bolitar?


Myron Bolitar book series

Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series of books tells the story of the titular character, a former NBA player and sports agent. The series spans 11 novels so far and it would make sense if Netflix started adapting them from the beginning. It’s also possible that Netflix would try and adapt two books per season, neatly tying them together, akin to The Sandman. Here’s the logline for the book series:

A lanky, self-deprecating, former NBA basketball star, Myron became a sports agent after a shattered knee ended his basketball career. His big heart and generous manner often lead to him playing detective for his clients who have problems that need solving. Myron’s colleague, Esperanza, and his billionaire best friend, Win, often help him out with his cases. (Who wouldn’t want a billionaire best friend??) He also has a nephew named Mickey, who has his own young adult series. (His Uncle Myron also drops by occasionally to help.)

You can find the full reading list for Myron Bolitar here.

Who is cast in Myron Bolitar?

As of November 2022, there are no cast members attached to the Netflix’s Myron Bolitar series. We will likely find out more in the coming months. Asked if he has any actors in mind, author Harlan Coben answered that he didn’t:

“I don’t. I’ll be honest, that’s always been a hard thing for me. With a regular character — Matt was played by Mario Casas in Spain, or Adam who was played by Richard Armitage, or Cush Jumbo playing Cassie — I can change those people around. Myron is much harder because people have a very definite idea of what he looks like. So actually no actors really comes to mind. Many years ago I had looked at trying to make Myron into a movie, and they were talking about all the big famous movie stars of the day. All of them are wonderfully talented but I was like, I can’t see that guy as Myron. So it’ll be very hard. I am confident that Netflix will scour the world in casting and will find the perfect person for us.”

What’s the production status of Myron Bolitar?

At the moment, Netflix’s Myron Bolitar series is in very early development, where not even scripts exist. It will be quite some time before they enter production, which could end up happening sometime in 2023.

How many episodes will be in Myron Bolitar?

It is unknown how many episodes Myron Bolitare will have, but we can likely expect a standard 8 episode first season at least.

What’s the Netflix release date for Myron Bolitar?

As the series is still in the very early stages of development, it’s too early to speak of any release dates, but we could perhaps estimate sometime in 2024.

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