Netflix Movie ‘Tell Me Who I Am’: What We Know So Far

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Tell Me Who I Am Netflix Movie

Tell Me Who I Am Documentary Still – Picture: Netflix

In an effort to expand its library of truly gripping tales based on true events, Netflix has acquired the rights to produce Tell Me Who I Am, a narrative adaptation of Alex and Marcus Lewis’ gripping true story which was chronicled in Joanna Hodgkin’s best-selling book Tell Me Who I Am, as well as in Netflix’s critically acclaimed documentary of the same name.

The project was conceived by Hacksaw Ridge producer David Permut, who has also worked on the iconic Nicolas Cage and John Travolta film Face/Off. As of October 2021, the project is in very early development with the streamer searching for a writer, director and cast for the film.

Considering the story synopsis, the heavy themes and other things attached to the project, it appears that Tell Me Who I Am will be yet another strong Oscar contender, when it eventually comes out. Here’s everything else we know about Netflix’s Tell Me Who I Am:

What’s the plot of Tell Me Who I Am?

Twins Lost Memory Secret

The narrative film adaptation of Tell Me Who I Am will take Joanna Hodgkin’s book of the same name as its primary basis. Here is the synopsis of the book that covers the premise:

Imagine waking up one day to discover that you have forgotten everything about your life. Your only link with the past, your only hope for the future, is your identical twin.

Now imagine, years later, discovering that your twin had not told you the whole truth about your childhood, your family, and the forces that had shaped you. Why the secrets? Why the silences? You have no choice but to begin again.

This has been Alex’s reality: a world where memories are just the stories people tell you, where fact and fiction are impossible to distinguish. With dogged courage he has spent years hunting for the truth about his hidden past and his remarkable family. His quest to understand his true identity has revealed shocking betrayals and a secret tragedy, extraordinary triumph over crippling adversity and, above all, redemption founded on brotherly love.

Marcus his twin brother has sometimes been a reluctant companion on this journey, but for him too it has led to staggering revelations and ultimately the shedding of impossible burdens.

Their story spans continents and eras, from 1950s debutantes and high society in the Home Counties to a remote island in the Pacific and 90s raves. Disturbing, funny, heart-breaking and affirming, Alex and Marcus’s determination to rebuild their lives makes us look afresh at how we choose to tell our stories.

The true story of the Lewis twins is well documented in a 2019 Netflix documentary of the same name and we strongly recommend watching as it actually features the twins themselves telling their story. Here is the trailer for that:

Who is cast in Tell Me Who I Am?

As of October 2021, no cast members for Tell Me Who I Am are known but the original Deadline article mentioned that the cast options were being explored already.

What’s the production status of Tell Me Who I Am?

The film is currently in its earlier development process with no writer attached as of October 2021.

What’s the Netflix release date for Tell Me Who I Am?

Netflix hasn’t set a release date for Tell Me Who I Am, but we wouldn’t expect it to be earlier than 2023, considering the current status and how long it usually takes to produce a film.

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