Netflix Plans Live ‘Baby Gorilla Cam’ Stream for September 2023

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Picture: Netflix

Netflix is going live in September 2023 from Ohio with a new live stream from the gorilla habitat in the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Per Netflix, here’s the description of the upcoming stream that will kick off on September 7th.

“Peek into the gorilla habitat at Cleveland Metroparks, where two new babies are adapting to life in the troop. (Live event in English.)”

One of the two new babies in question was born in late July 2023, according to Fox8, with the other born in 2021. According to their report, “The newborn is a Western lowland gorilla. It is only the second gorilla born at the Cleveland Zoo in its 141 years.”

Cleveland Metroparks boasts more than 18 reservations across more than 24,000 acres. It was founded in 1882 and reportedly has 3,000 animals across its trails and various areas.

When will Baby Gorilla Cam go live on Netflix?

The live stream will go live at 10:00 local time (EST) on September 7th, 2023.

That translates to:

  • 4 PM CEST
  • 3 PM BST
  • 8 AM MST
  • 7 AM PST
baby gorilla cam livestream netflix page

Netflix page for Baby Gorilla Cam

Netflix has been dabbling with live streams throughout 2023. Its first big live broadcast happened in March 2023 with the Chris Rock comedy special. It then went live again the next month with a reunion episode for the hit reality series Love is Blind. While the first event went without a hitch, the second was a fumble with the streamer delaying the stream multiple times before eventually canceling it.

A few months later, Netflix went live again, broadcasting its big TUDUM live event from Brazil, announcing many shows and movies, and debuting new trailers.

In 2024, Netflix plans to livestream the SAG Awards on February 24th.

Live streams from zoos aren’t particularly new. Searching on YouTube for “Zoo live stream” returns dozens of live results, including streams from the San Diego Zoo and Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium.

Until the new live stream kicks off, if you need a Gorilla fix, we’d recommend you go and check out Netflix’s Virunga documentaries that helped Netflix score one of its very first Oscar nominations. The first doc, released in 2014, explores the story of park rangers doing everything they can to preserve Africa’s most endangered gorillas.

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