Netflix Releases Most Watched Movies and Series List for Second Half of 2023

One Piece and Leave the World Behind were the two biggest titles in the second half of 2023.

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Most Watched Movies And Series On Netflix Second Half Of 2024

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Arriving much faster than initially expected, Netflix has published its second bi-annual Netflix Engagement Report that delves into the most-watched titles of the latter half of 2023, covering July through December. 

The second report covers Netflix’s viewing data for all shows and movies from July through December 2023, while the first (released by Netflix in December of last year) covers January through June.

Like the first report, there’s a lot of data buried within! There are 6,599 TV shows and 9,395 movies, which Netflix says cover 99% of all viewing on the platform.

However, there are a few differences from the first report. Whereas the first report only gave us the hours viewed for each title and ranked them accordingly, this report includes the runtime of each title plus the number of views. The views determine the order of the list.

For those unfamiliar, views are what we’ve called Completed Viewing Equivalents for quite some time. This isn’t the actual number of views, but when Netflix has taken the hours viewed and divided that by the runtime to get an equivalent.

In addition, this time around, Netflix has split movies and series. Very helpful!

So let’s dive into the top 20s of each respective list:

20 Most Watched Series on Netflix Globally in the Second Half of 2023

One Piece Netflix 7 Characters Confirmed For One Piece Season 2

Picture: Netflix

  1. ONE PIECE: Season 1 (71.6M views)
  2. Dear Child: Limited Series (52.5M views)
  3. Who is Erin Carter? (50.1M views)
  4. Lupin: Part 3 (49.7M views)
  5.  The Witcher: Season 3 (47.9M views)
  6. Sex Education: Season 4 (46.3M views)
  7. Beckham: Limited Series (43.9M views)
  8. CoComelon: Season 8 (37.6M views)
  9. Virgin River: Season 5 (35.8M views)
  10. The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2 (35.7M views)
  11. Painkiller: Limited Series (34.4M views)
  12. All the Light We Cannot See: Limited Series (33.9M views)
  13. My Life With the Walter Boys: Season 1 (33.4M views)
  14. King the Land: Limited Series (33.2M views)
  15. Squid Game: The Challenge: Season 1 (33.1M views)
  16. CoComelon: Season 1 (32.7M views)
  17. DEPP V HEARD: Limited Series (31.7M views)
  18. A Nearly Normal Family: Limited Series (28M views)
  19. The Fall of the House of Usher: Limited Series (27M views)
  20. Obliterated: Season 1 (27M views)

20 Most Watched Movies on Netflix Globally in Second Half of 2023

leave the world behind new on netflix this week december 8 2023

LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND (2023) Mahershala Ali as G.H. and Julia Roberts as Amanda. CR: JoJo Whilden/NETFLIX

  1. Leave the World Behind (121M Views)
  2. Heart of Stone (109.6M Views)
  3. Leo (96M Views)
  4. Nowhere (86.2M Views)
  5. The Out-Laws (83.8M Views)
  6. Hidden Strike (73.3M Views)
  7. Reptile (73.1M Views)
  8. The Killer (67.8M Views)
  9. Family Switch (61.9M Views)
  10. The Boss Baby (61.7M Views)
  11. You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah (60.6M Views)
  12. Paw Patrol: The Movie (59M Views)
  13. Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire (57.8M Views)
  14. Extraction 2 (54.1M Views)
  15. Love at First Sight (52M Views)
  16. Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie (49.7M Views)
  17. Bird Box Barcelona (49.3M Views)
  18. Best. Christmas. Ever! (45.7M Views)
  19. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (45.3M Views)
  20. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (44.9M Views)

You can find a full Google Sheet upload of the TV and movie spreadsheet here with all the data.

Like with the first Engagement Report, we plan to integrate a full search experience on our site in due course and all the data in our title search feature, which allows you to search all the Netflix top 10 data for respective titles.

What are your big takeaways from the new What We Watched data release? Let us know in the comments down below.

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