Netflix Unveils First Members of Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Cast

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Netflix has just revealed its main cast for the live-action adaptation of One Piece via Twitter (and quickly deleted it) with the cast fronted by Iñaki Godoy, Mackenyu, Emily Rudd, Jacob Romero Gibson, and Taz Skylar.

It’s been almost two years since Netflix first announced that they, alongside Tomorrow Studios, was working on a live-action series and although we’ve had a few updates throughout that time, we’ve never once known who will star in the cast. That’s until today!

The series is currently gearing up for production in South Africa for early 2022 but today we got a glimpse of who the main cast will be for the live-action series.

So, let’s walk you through the new cast announcements for Netflix’s One Piece live-action.

Iñaki Godoy will play Monkey D. Luffy

The central character to the story. Godoy has already been involved in a major Netflix Original in the form of Who Killed Sara? where he played Bruno.

Monkey D. Luffy first debuted in chapter 1 and episode 1 of the anime and serves as the founder and captain of the infamous and powerful Straw Hat Pirates.

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Iñaki Godoy and Monkey D. Luffy

Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro

Mackenyu is perhaps best known for his role on Pacific Rim: Uprising where he played the role of Cadet Ryoichi but has also appeared in titles such as Rurouni Kenshin, Brave: Gunjyo Senki, and Over Drive.

Also known as Pirate Hunter Zoro, Roronoa serves within the Straw Hat Pirates as one of the two swordsmen. He first debuted in chapter 3 of the anime.

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Jacob Gibson as Usopp

Gibson has appeared in many TV series over the past few years including Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident and Greenleaf.

He’ll be playing the role of “God” Usopp who first debuted in the anime in chapter 23 and episode 8 of the original anime. Usopp serves as the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates and was the fourth member of the crew.

jacob romero gibson one piece usopp

Emily Rudd as Nami

Rudd recently appeared in Netflix’s trilogy of movies, Fear Street over the summer where she played Cindy Berman but has also appeared in Dynasty as Heidi and will soon appear in the seriess Hunters.

Nami serves as the navigator for the Straw Hat Pirates and was the third member of the crew. She first debuted in chapter 8 of the manga and sports orange hair.

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Taz Skylar as Sanji

Starring in the likes of Agatha Raisin and the movie Villain, Skylar will play the role of Sanji in the upcoming One Piece series.

Also known as “Black Leg” Sanji, the character serves as the cook for the Straw Hat Pirates and was the fifth member of the crew. The character first debuted in the manga in chapter 43 and wasn’t seen in the anime until episode 20.

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Are you excited about these new cast announcements for Netflix’s One Piece? Let us know in the comments.

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