Nickelodeon’s ‘Erin & Aaron’ To Arrive on Netflix in November 2023

The show aired on Nickelodeon a little earlier in the year.

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Netflix has confirmed it’ll be streaming the first season of the live-action Nickelodeon music-comedy series Erin & Aaron starting in November 2023. 

Created by Dicky Murphy (The Thundermans, Marvin Marvin), the family comedy tells the story of two stepsiblings who are polar opposites when it comes to their personality but find that music can bring them together.

Ava Ro, Jensen Gering, and Pyper Braun lead the cast with guest stars throughout the series, including Jared Gertner, Celia Méndez, Cyrina Fiallo, Michael D. Cohen, and Jack Griffo

It debuted on Nickelodeon on April 20th, with all 12 episodes released throughout Spring and into the Summer. Episode 12 was released on June 29th. It was released to mostly mixed reviews from critics and audiences, with the show carrying a 5.8 on IMDb at the time of publishing.

When will Erin & Aaron be on Netflix?

We covered that the series was coming to Netflix back in May 2023, with our report stating that it would be streaming on Netflix globally. There were some doubts that Netflix would pick up the show over the summer, given that some pointed out that the show was wiped off the Nick website shortly after release and no episodes were added to VOD platforms.

Now, new listings found on Netflix itself confirm all 12 episodes of Erin & Aaron are due to release globally on November 3rd, 2023, with most regions carrying it as a Netflix Original title.

The series will be on Netflix US, too, albeit it won’t carry Netflix Original branding, just a Nickelodeon banner, just like with That Girl Lay-Lay, which has released in a similar fashion and is likely part of the Nickelodeon output deal Netflix struck with the network back in 2019.

In other Nickelodeon news, quite a large number of licensed titles from the kid’s network are scheduled to leave Netflix, specifically in the US, on November 1st, including some movies plus favorites like The Thundermans and Victorious.

Are you looking forward to watching Erin & Aaron on Netflix in November? Let us know down below.

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