‘Damnation’ Leaving Netflix in November 2023 Following International Removal

The show only ran for a single season but it's well worth your time.

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damnation leaving netflix in january 2023

Picture: Netflix / NBC Universal

The USA Network / Netflix co-production Damnation will soon depart the service in the United States in November 2023 following its removal internationally, where the series was classed as a Netflix Original, in January 2023.

Set during the Great Depression, the series follows a stranger with a violent past who poses as a preacher and rallies farmers to mount a strike in a rural Iowa community.

Damnation featured the talents of Killian Scott, Logan Marshall-Green, Sarah Jones, Chasten Harmon, Christopher Heyerdahl, Melinda Page Hamilton, and Joe Adler.

NBC Universal produced the show for USA Network, airing it between November 2017 and January 2018. Netflix picked up the exclusive global rights and was a co-producer on the title. Despite this, NBC Universal owns the underlying rights to the series. Netflix US later licensed the show without Original branding.

Unfortunately, the series only ran for a single season, but given how good that first season was, we’d recommend you give it a watch.

The cancelation came exactly a week after the season 1 finale aired, likely suggesting it didn’t pull in the numbers at USA Network to justify continuing. Worse yet, Netflix likely had its own data that suggested not to continue it themselves either.

When did Damnation leave Netflix outside the United States?

In all regions of Netflix outside the United States, you’ll be losing the show on January 19th, 2023. That means your last day to watch on Netflix is January 18th.

This removal comes (nearly) 5 years after the series was added to Netflix.

If you do want to watch the series on Netflix before its removal, then you’ll need to do so on one of Netflix’s premium plans, as it’s not available on the advertising tier.

last day to watch damnation netflix

Removal date on Damnation – Screencapture Netflix

This trend is increasingly common, with dozens of Netflix Originals having departed over the last few years and plenty more in the coming years.

Will Damnation leave Netflix in the United States?

The series will also depart Netflix in the United States but won’t be for a little while longer. There, the series is licensed by Netflix and does not carry Netflix Original branding.

Our intel suggested when we first published for the international removal that Netflix US would hang onto the rights for Damnation through to the end of 2023, with a possible expiration date planed for November 7th, 2023.

That, like international regions, coincides exactly five years after its initial launch on Netflix US, and in October 2023, we got confirmation that our intel was correct.

Netflix US is now displaying a notice that your last day to watch Damnation is November 6th.

damnation removal date netflix

Damnation removal from Netflix in the US

We’ve got the the full list of November 2023 removals here.

Will you miss Damnation when it leaves Netflix US in November 2023? Have you already seen the show where you live internationally? Let us know in the comments.

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