The Thundermans and Victorious Leaving Netflix in November 2023

Two Nickelodeon shows are leaving Netflix but there's good news.

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victorious the thundermans leaving netflix

Victorious and The Thundermans – Pictures: Nickelodeon

The list of removals for the next few weeks has been partially revealed for Netflix, and among them are two Nickelodeon heavyweights. The Thundermans and Victorious’s early seasons will depart on November 1st.

Please note: this article only applies to Netflix US – other regions may vary.

In the case of The Thundermans, the first two of the four total seasons have been streaming on Netflix since November 2021. The show follows the adventures of a superhero family trying to keep their identities a secret while one sibling aims to be a superhero and the other a supervillain.

Victorious has been streaming in some form since 2019 on Netflix US, with three seasons being added then. We saw the third season removed from the service on November 1st, 2021.

Both shows are now set to be removed in full on November 1st, 2023, with your last day to watch being October 31st.

Of course, Netflix hasn’t been the most optimal place to watch either of these shows, given that they’re missing seasons. Those missing seasons can be found on Paramount+, where most of the Nickelodeon library is housed.

These aren’t the only two Nickelodeon titles leaving Netflix come November 1st, either. Legends of the Hidden Temple will be departing alongside Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie.

Netflix could renew Victorious and The Thundermans

Given Netflix confirmed the removals in a press release as part of their “New on Netflix” newsletter, it’s likely that these removals are final. With that said, we’ve seen with the likes of iCarly in recent years that they can be renewed further down the line.

We do have some good news for Nickelodeon fans – after years, nay, over a decade of waiting – Netflix fans will be getting the beloved Drake & Josh much earlier than these two removals on October 1st. Only three seasons are arriving, but something is better than nothing!

drake and josh coming to netflix

Picture: Nickelodeon

That’s in addition to the fact that dozens of Nickelodeon shows and movies also stream on Netflix (in the US) at the time of writing, including many that are exclusively available on the streamer.

For more on what’s leaving Netflix soon, keep checking back here on What’s on Netflix.

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