‘Ozark’ Book By Ruth Langmore Released Ahead of Season 4 in January 2022

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Ozark is soon coming to an end with its fourth and final season dropping on Netflix in 2022 with the first half arriving in January 2022 but more Ozark is out there including a brand new book written from the perspective of Ruth Langmore. 

Releasing in November 2021, the new book is titled “I Don’t Know Sh*t About F*ck: The Official Ozark Guide to Life” and is written from the perspective of Ruth Langmore who. in the show, is played by Julia Garner.

The stone-cold character is going to be playing a pivotal role going into the final season come January so this is very much a good primer for what’s to come while fleshing out what makes Ruth tick.

Here’s a synopsis provided by Insight Editions:

“Toughened by both her criminal ties and her dedication to her family, Ruth Langmore is guided by one principle: She doesn’t know sh*t about f*ck. Far from being willfully ignorant, Ruth admits that she has much to learn, forming a personal philosophy based on a positive attitude toward lifelong learning.”

We’re also able to provide you with an exclusive excerpt from “Chapter 1 – Commit to the Crime” of “I Don’t Know Sh*t About F*ck: The Official Ozark Guide to Life” below:

“Being in a family like mine is almost like being in a family that owns a small business. My daddy taught me a trade, just like his daddy did and on and on. You get it. He had groomed me to steal since I was young enough to ask him to take me to the toy aisle for practice, so I really thought I knew my game by the time I decided to do something on my own for the first time.”

The book is broken up into 15 parts across 127 pages and features chapters such as Spy on Everybody, Allow Your Mind to Be Blown, No One Is Your Mommy, and Threaten Your Employer.

Now it’s worth noting that Netflix is not releasing this book, instead, it’s being published by Insight Editions in collaboration with MRC Television who is the independent studio behind Ozark.

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I Don’t Know Sh*t About F*ck: The Official Ozark Guide to Life – Picture: Insight Editions

The book is available for purchase now via Insight Editions for $19.99. Copies can also be found on Amazon and other online and local book stores. Ozark season 4 part 1 arrives on Netflix globally on January 21st, 2021.

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