Persona Collection 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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South Korean Original anthology series Persona starring K-Pop star IU has already become a smash hit with subscribers on Netflix. With plenty of twists and turns, the drama of Persona has taken many by surprise. Especially the level of talent being shown in IU’s debut. By now many fans will be jumping in their seats to know if Persona will return for another collection. Let’s find out.

Persona is a Netflix Original South Korean anthology series created by Yoon Jong-Shin. The anthology is split into four separate short stories, each directed by critically acclaimed South Korean directors. Most notably the series stars popular South Korean actress Bae Doona and making her debut is the incredibly popular K-Pop star Lee Ji-Eun or better known as IU.

Persona takes place across four short stories: the first Love Set directed by Lee Kyoung-mi (The Truth Beneath, The Unjust). Second is Collector, directed by Yim Pil-sung (Scarlet Innocence, Doomsday Book). Third is Kiss Burn, directed by Jeon Go-Woon (Microhabitat, The King Jokgu). Last but not least is Walking at Night, directed by Kim Jong-Kwan (The Table, Worst Woman).

Persona Collection 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Ended (Last Updated: 04/12/2019)

For anyone hoping to any more of Persona will be sad to learn the anthology was only ever meant to have one collection. While the title has been treated as a Series release, in actuality Persona should be considered as an anthology film.

While this may be confusing, marketing in Korea has expressed Persona as Korean Pop-Star IU’s film debut rather than a TV debut.

We can’t rule out another collection entirely though, because fan demand could be so high Netflix may order another collection to be produced. Whether or not the directors that have worked on Persona would return to direct is unclear at this time.

Does any of the stories from the anthology warrant another collection?

Most certainly but the purpose of the anthology title was to present four different short stories, which is exactly what has happened. If another collection were to be produced in the future, four new stories would likely be adapted over returning to stories from the first collection.

Why was Persona delayed?

The intended release date for Persona was meant to be Friday the 5th of April. But after a tragic forest fire happened on the East coast of Korea, the series was delayed so the nation could mourn the loss of life.

What is the subscriber reaction to Persona?

Persona Collection 2 Release Date

There isn’t going to be a release date for another collection of Persona anytime soon. Never is the more forward answer, but naturally fans will hold out hope for another collection.

Netflix has continued its expansion into the global and Korea has been no exception. While many fans will be sad Persona won’t return, actress IU could likely return for more Original titles in the future.

Would you like to see another collection for Persona? Let us know in the comments below!

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