Seasons 1-3 of “The Following” Leaving Netflix in September

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Fox’s The Following is scheduled to be removed from Netflix come September 2018. All three seasons are currently scheduled for removal from Netflix on September 20th.

Starring Kevin Bacon, this Fox series ran between 2013 and 2015. It focused on Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon) looking to recapture Joe Carroll who is being protected by a cult. Throughout the three seasons, cults were a regular theme of the show.

The series first hit Netflix soon after it aired in the United States. Season 1 was added in August 2013 with new seasons being added on an annual basis.

We’ve been cataloguing all of the Fox removals from Netflix for just over a year now. The network and Netflix failed to reach an agreement in 2017 to secure the rights to stream some of their biggest shows. It has resulted in the removal of titles like Futurama, Family Guy, Bones, House MD and LOST.

The Following is slightly different to the other Fox shows as Fox didn’t actually produce the show. The show was purchased from Warner Brothers on an ongoing basis simply to broadcast it. The other Fox show that follows this setup is Gotham which is thought to be staying on Netflix for the near future.

It’s also worth noting two points at this stage. One is that The Following wasn’t announced in the released list of removal from Netflix in September 2018. That could hint that it’s just simply up for renewal. With that said, because the show is no longer being produced it’s likely that Netflix will decide not to renew the show unless viewing figures are significant. The second point we wish to stress is that this is just a notification of removal and as always, release dates and removal dates are subject to change.

Unlike the other Fox shows which transitioned onto Hulu, the same can’t be said for The Following. If and when The Following is removed from Netflix the only way you’ll be able to watch it is through VoD services.

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