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‘Sense8 Special Finale’: Release date and everything we know so far

Sense8 is coming back to Netflix for one final outing which is likely to hit Netflix next year. The series finale comes as a massive shock to fans around the world who expected the season 2 to be the last but thanks to a massive outcry from fans, Netflix gave the green light to one last special finale episode.

Latest Trailer

On December 11th, we got an update from the team at Sense8 on how things are going for the special.

Recap of Sense8’s Cancellation

2017 saw a massive purge of big Netflix titles including the likes of The Get Down, Girlboss and Gypsy. For most, swelling budgets meant that Netflix could no longer make it financially viable and the globe-trotting Sense8 series was also included in this category.

June 1st, just a few weeks after the premiere of season 2 saw Netflix announce that it would no longer be making Sense8 and season 3 was not to be. This sparked perhaps one of the biggest social media outcries ever to reach out to a corporation to ask for them to reverse their decision. The campaign worked and Netflix announced it would be creating a finale episode to finish off the show as it deserved.

Lana Wachowski, the director and writer for the show, called the reversal ‘unbelievable’. She went on to say that ‘Anybody who knows this business, knows that this doesn’t happen’.

Finale Plot

There’s a lot of storylines that need wrapping up. We end season 2 with the Sensates in London having just captured Whispers after he was torturing Wolfgang. We’ve also got the sense8 rivalry still to contend with after the team discovers another cluster. Ultimately, we just need a lot of little plotlines sewn up and we think this will be the episodes main goal as opposed to the over arching story as these little stories are why most people fell in love with the show.

How’s the production going?

It’s going and much like F is for Family Season 3 you can follow the production of the show pretty closely! As of the 14th November 2017, the show was in its sixth week of filming and they had so far filmed sections in Naples, London, Paris, Munich, Berlin and Tokyo.

A special scene (possibly the final scene) was shot in Paris where they lit up the Eiffel Tower with a massive firework display.

For more on the production, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place for news and information than on the official sense8 twitter timeline.

Casting changes?

Most of the Sense8 cast will remain the same due to it being a real fan service and adding new characters this late would be cruel to fans wanting to know more of their backstory.

As you may know, all of the Sense8 cast were already lined up to be ready for season 3 of Sense8 with contracts all signed and ready to go. Given how quickly Netflix greenlit the special episode it’s more than likely that existing contracts carried over.

How long will the finale episode be?

Confirmed in the first trailer for the finale, the final episode will be 2 hours long. That’s also the same length that the Christmas special episode (season 2, episode 1) was.

When will Sense8 Finale be on Netflix?

This has yet to be confirmed. Given how far we are in filming and the fact that Sense8’s next birthday is on August 8th, 2018, that’s when we think Netflix will release the final episode. Beyond that, the final episode could follow the previous special episodes release by arriving in the fall but we think August 8th is far more realistic.

Could Season 3 of Sense8 Eventually Happen?

Sadly not. This two-hour finale was specifically created to end the show on a high and wrap up all storylines. How well those storylines will be wrapped are still to be seen but Netflix’s decision to cancel season 3 will likely stand.

We’ll keep this post up-to-date over time as we discover new information about the final episode of Sense8. Let us know down below why you’re looking forward to the last Sense8 outing.

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