‘Sex Education’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in January 2020

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Sex Education is returning to Netflix for its second season and is set to arrive on Netflix globally in January 2020. Here’s everything you need to know about season 2 of Sex Education including its release date, cast list, plot lines and more.

Sex Education is a Netflix Original comedy-drama created by Laurie Nunn. Upon release Sex Education has been highlighted already as one of the best shows of 2019, not to mention considered to be one of the best Original Series Netflix has produced.

Through its charm, wit and awkward sexual humor Sex Education found its place in the hearts of many subscribers. It wasn’t long before Netflix announced the series had been renewed, much to the delight of fans everywhere.

In rural Britain, awkward teenager Otis is a social outcast at school along with his gay friend Eric. Social-standing aside, his life is already made awkward by his inappropriate sex therapist mother Jean. A virgin to boot it’s highly ironic that ‘Bad Girl’ Maeve enlists his help in setting up a much needed sexual health therapy for their school.

Season 1 was released on Netflix back in January 2019 and got its season 2 renewal in February 2019.

What to expect from Sex Education Season 2?

There’s plenty for the writers to work with for Sex Education season 2, as many plot threads were left open there’s a lot to discuss.

Jim Howick who plays Mr. Hendricks has revealed in an interview that “there’s quite a few shocks, quite a few twists and it’s still as sharp and sensitive and woke as ever.”

What to expect from Otis in season 2 of Sex Education

First of all, Otis finally found himself a girlfriend in Ola. In the finale Otis even has his first kiss which led to him getting aroused and masturbating for the first time. The next season will explore Otis’ new relationship and explore his new found sexuality further. As Ola is the first girlfriend Otis has had we can expect some hilariously awkward moments.

With the success of Otis’ and Maeve sexual therapy, Otis may found himself with more attention from the ladies. Maybe he’ll actually practice what he preaches with Ola. Regardless Otis takes a lot of pride in helping his fellow students. The more Otis may learn about himself sexually, the better equipped he’ll be during therapy.

Sex Education Key Art

What to expect from Maeve in season 2 of Sex Education

Maeve will find herself in a very lonely place. Witnessing Otis and Ola’s kiss just as she was about to admit her feelings to him, visibly upset the young girl. Walking away, Maeve will have to come to terms with the fact that Otis now has a girlfriend. She can’t avoid Otis though thanks to their sexual education business the pair are running in the school. Feeling lonely Maeve may seek out someone to comfort her but they may just lead to more hardship for her.

Plenty of fans want Maeve and Otis together but that would mean he would have to break up with Ola!

Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley – Netflix

What to expect from Eric in Sex Education season 2

To Eric’s surprise, the school bully Adam and he had a very passionate encounter while in detention. Sadly for Eric, Adam is forced to move away to military school, so just as Eric may have found himself a potential partner it has been snatched away from him. On a brighter note, Eric had finally stuck up for himself while he and Adam had a heated confrontation. While Eric may be sad and confused by Adam’s emergence as Bi-sexual, Eric can add this to his confidence and potentially found himself a boyfriend in the next season.

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effoing – Netflix

What to expect from Lily in Sex Education season 2

She just wants that alien D, oh and to lose her virginity.

Tanya Reynolds as Lily Iglehart – Netflix

Who’s in the cast for Sex Education Season 2?

Most of the core cast is expected to return for the second season:

Role Actor Where have I seen/heard them before?
Otis Milburn Asa Butterfield Hugo, Ender’s Game, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Maeve Wiley Emma Mackey Badger_Lane
Eric Effoing Ncuti Gatwa Stonemouth, Bob Servant
Jean Milburn Gillian Anderson The X-Files, The Fall, The Last King of Scotland
Adam Groff Connor Swindells VS., The Vanishing, Harlots
Ola Nyman Patricia Allison Les Miserables, Moving On
Jackson Marchetti Kedar Williams-Stirling Shank, Wolfblood, Montana
Aimee Gibbs Aimee Lou Wood N/A
Mr. Groff Alistair Petrie Rogue One, The Bank Job, Victor Frankenstein
Lily Iglehart Tanya Reynolds Delicious, Death in Paradise, Outlander

There is currently no further casting news for Sex Education season 2.

First, look at Otis and Eric in the second season of Sex Education – Copyright. Netflix

Online Reaction to Sex Education season 1

The comedy-drama resonated exponentially with subscribers all over the world. It was reported that within the first month of Sex Education‘s release the series was on course to exceed 40 million viewers. Here’s how some fans have reacted to the show receiving a second season.

Sex Education Season 2 Production Status

Official Production Status: Post-Production (Last updated: October 2019)

Filming for Sex Education season 2 wrapped up in September! This was confirmed on the official Netflix UK twitter account with all the cast members taking one big selfie:

Filming wasn’t expected to take too long on the series as there were only eight episodes to film.

The pink and blonde are gone!? Also, why are these two in trouble in season 2?… Copyright. Netflix

Sex Education Season 2 Episode Count and Run Times

Like the first season, season 2 will also have 8 episodes. All of the episodes for season 2 will be available to stream on the day of release.

Each episode will have an estimated run time of 45 minutes. That’s six more hilarious hours of cringe-inducing and awkward sexual humor to be enjoyed.

What sexual antics will Ola be getting up to this season? – Copyright. Netflix

Sex Education Season 2 Release Date

We’ve known for a while that Netflix would plan to release season 2 of Sex Education in early 2020 but on November 25th, Netflix announced (first via the French Netflix social account) that season 2 of Sex Education would be on Netflix on January 17th, 2020.

Has Netflix released a trailer for Sex Education?

The only trailer we have for season 2 of Sex Education on Netflix is the renewal announcement which clocks in at just under a minute long.

Are you excited for the second season of Sex Education? Let us know in the comments below!

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