Should Netflix Renew Brooklyn-99 for Season 5?

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We have seriously bad news people, Fox has canceled Brooklyn-99 and while Netflix hasn’t streamed the show (as we’ll get onto in a second) we think the show could be a perfect fit for the Netflix Original lineup. Here’s what we know about the cancelation, why it isn’t streaming on Netflix and why Netflix should indeed pick up Brooklyn-99 for season 5. 

Today, Fox announced that it would not be renewing season 5 of Brooklyn-99 citing poor viewing figures for the reason. The comedy starring Andy Sandberg (SNL), Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti and Andre Braugher star in this cop comedy where a bunch of incompetent cops (with a few exceptions) run the Brooklyn 99th district police department.

Would it be a good fit for Netflix?

Absolutely it’d be a good fit. Netflix has been killing it with their comedies and sitcoms recently. The Ranch, Grace and Frankie and Fuller House have all found loving audiences but when it comes to killer witty comedy, there’s certainly a gap that could be filled by Brooklyn-99.

Could Netflix revive Brooklyn-99?

Absolutely they could. Netflix has a giant spending budget every year and in the past, it’s made several key revivals that have boosted Netflix’s content library. In the comedy sphere alone it’s revived Gilmore Girls, Fuller House and Arrested Development all of which have continued their popularity on the service.

The real question will come down to whether Fox would be willing to let the show go to another network.

How to get Netflix to revive Brooklyn-99

Netflix passionately listens to fan feedback. Look at Sense8, it was canceled and because of fan outcry, Netflix gave it final episode.

Here are a few ways to get in contact with Netflix

  • Through Netflix’s title request form
  • Using their social media handles and the hashtag Brooklyn 99 or revive Brooklyn-99.

So, er, why isn’t Brooklyn-99 on Netflix?

Netflix never managed to secure the streaming rights to any of the Brooklyn-99 series, at least in the United States. It did manage to pick them up in places like the United Kingdom. The reason for this is because Fox actually removed most to all of their content from Netflix. Its contract lapsed last summer and as a result, we haven’t seen any new content added.

The only place you can currently stream Brooklyn-99 is on Hulu.

Do you want to see season 5 of Brooklyn-99 come to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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