The Joel McHale Show: Episode 4 Recap

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From vlogger break-ups to Eric Bana, we have all the details about this week’s new episode of The Joel McHale Show.

Roller Coaster?

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

We kick things off this week with The Bachelor which was big news this week when Arie proposed to and then later broke up with Rebecca, deciding instead to “give it a shot” with runner-up Lauren. Clearly, Becca dodged a big, annoying bullet when Arie ditched her because Arie is the most irritating kisser ever. How can anyone stand it?

Meanwhile, on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, DJ Hurricane’s daughter Ayana is recovering from a very serious surgical procedure.

CMT has a new reality show called Music City. Young musicians are trying to make their way in…wait for it…the city. Things get awkward with Jackson and Jessica when Jackson’s mind turns to more than recording.

This. Is. So. Awkward.

Over on Vanderpump Rules

Editor’s Note: The author of this article (after many hours of intense interrogation) admitted she actually watches Vanderpump Rules. What’s On Netflix will not be held responsible for her opinions of this show.


Anyway, over on a show I have never watched in my entire life, Lala thinks she is a musician and is ready to have the showcase of a lifetime. Five songs and a show that is all about her. She is blossoming.

You spread those legs and fly, Lala. Fly away.

Is that where she sings from? Does she have a voice coach? Does someone pay her for the lessons?

In the world of vlogging, there is one lesson that should be learned: don’t introduce your boyfriend. Because you are inevitably going to break up, you are going to then have to announce it on your vlog, and then someone is going to make fun of you. Condolences, ladies.

That’s a great question! Maybe anyone with two working hands. Seriously. Literally, ANYONE who has the ability to hold something.

Now we venture into the world of QVC and very dramatic reactions to everyday items. We start with soup. Is your life dull? Are you yearning for fulfillment? You need this soup.

You will feel honored to have that soup.

Stepping over to the Quaker Factory with Jeanne Bice, she has a lot of expressions to convey how she feels about plain shirts.

My shirt has no crystals on it. My life is crap.

According to Jeanne her bedazzled shirts will also keep you happy enough to keep you from killing yourself after watching the news.*

*results may vary

Cue Eric Bana! The world’s most morose man if I’ve ever seen one! He’s tuned into a new hobby that has turned his Black Hawk frown upside down.

Why so sad, bud? Munich is so uplifting.

That’s right. He’s getting crafty, people. Order yours now.

Have you ever wished you could throw meat and cheese in your purse and magically get a panini? Carolyn has the product for you. That’s right, folks. It’s a purse that makes sandwiches. Isn’t technology great?

Hold the pickle.

Now it’s time for Joel’s International Corner! This week we visit Japan. There’s a prank show that lets women think they are falling down an elevator shaft (that’s always fun), anime I can’t even describe, and the film Tag…I almost don’t want to tell you what happens because you deserve to see this yourself. Let’s just say some crazy things are happening and everyone is losing their head.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything going on either.

Now it’s time to take advantage of the new documentary service Netflix is offering.

That’s the show, everyone! If you are enjoying the show, check out their Facebook page. They interact regularly with fans.

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