The Joel McHale Show: Episode 2 Recap

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The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale returns Sunday the 15th with all new episodes.

New week, new shows to mock! We have everything you want to know about this week’s new episode of The Joel McHale Show.

From Donna-dorable to Kristen Bell, there’s plenty of sass to be had this week.

Pizza Ghost

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

This week’s episode begins with a delightful commercial.

You forgot you had swollen anal veins. So much for being cool, right buddy?

Welcome to the show.

First up is The Bachelor Winter Games. There’s talk about virginity and some salad gets involved. It’s as ridiculous as you think it is. (Note to self: Let someone finish chewing before talk of maiden flower.)

Switching over to Love After Lockup, Nyla and Tennison are about to meet their new stepfather…a man who has been behind bars for 15 years, met their mother while still in prison, and has recently been released. You have to see their reactions and questions they ask. Say it with me: “Do we though?” Getting to know your new dad and the severity of his criminal past is always fun. These kids make it super fun.

“Do we, though?” Good question, kids. Good question.

Now we move to Kids Baking Championship, an annoying show no one should ever watch. The child in question wants to win so she can spend $25,000 on a giant cat. (No judgment.)

And just when you thought you had escaped it…

Now we move on over to the hot happenings of Love & Hip Hop: MiamiSomeone disrespected someone else, school is in session, and all is dropped when a man walks by. Such is love and hip hop life.

Moving along, we visit again with Donna-dorable. You may remember last week Jason Priestley gave a hard pass on going on her show. Kathie Lee thinks maybe someday, someone may want to go on her show. …But no.

I would feel sorry for her, but she named herself Donna-dorable. That’s pretty unforgivable.

Kristen Bell stops by to say how much she loves Donna-dorable’s show, but that’s still not enough to get her to go on it.

Next up, on Love & Hip Hop Jaquae is in big time doodie with his girlfriend Kiyanne. It seems he has been looking at the hoohaa of their mutual friend, Anais. Apparently that’s not cool and Kiayanne sets him up to be confronted by the owner of said hoohaa. Celery is involved. (It’s a big week for vegetables. The USDA really should get in on this. There’s some serious opportunity from cross-promotion here.)

Cut to a new segment: Murder Shows! The Haves and Have Nots is a Tyler Perry show about crime and stuff. The acting is bad and the similes are worse.

That…that is so bad.

Changing the station, we are now looking at the Travel Channel’s The Dead Files. It’s a very tense situation as they describe the dangerous, angry demon haunting them to the sketch artist. Suspense is high and we are at the edge of our seats waiting to see the face of this ominous specter.

Run for your lives! It’s Chef Boyardee!

Thatsuh spicy Pizza Ghost!

And now, a very special message:

Now it’s time for Joel’s International Corner. First up is confusion about Australia. Is it a country? Is it a continent? This teacher seems very confused.

Speaking of Australia, next up is a look at their show This Time Next Year, a show in which people undertake a project or goal they would like to achieve in one year’s time. Seeing what these people aimed for made me feel a lot better about myself. A lot.

Now in New Zealand, we take a look at their popular soap opera Shortland Street. They way they handle awkward situations, like bursting in on someone while they have a prostitute in the room, is the very picture of…lackadaisical? “Yep. Just hanging here with this fully clothed prostitute. Nothing to see here.”

This brings us to a brand new segment: Joel’s Weekly Dump. There’s a funny dog video and an ad for the Beltbox, a curious little device that looks like what Hannibal Lecter would use to sing in the shower.

The show wraps up and Kristen Bell returns to talk for a moment about a charity she’s close to: The Prostate Cancer Foundation and a contest they are having called The True Love Contest. It honors family and caregivers and all the hard work they do on behalf of their loved ones. And you may get to see Kristen strap on a Beltbox.

See you next week, everyone, and beware the Pizza Ghost!

The Joel McHale Show: With Joel McHale airs weekly, Sundays on Netflix.

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