‘The Pink Marine’ Series Adaptation In Development at Netflix

Early details of a new biopic series based on one man's experience in joining the US Marines.

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The Pink Marine Book Cover – Picture: GoodReads

Netflix and Sony Pictures Television are looking to team up for a new series based on the best-selling book by Greg Cope White and Norman Lear.

Andy Parker has been tapped to write and produce the new series for Netflix. Parker is best known for being a producer on both seasons of the Bravo drama series Imposters (which currently resides on Netflix) and has worked on the AMC+ animation series Pantheon.

For Netflix, Parker worked on Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City as a co-executive producer and writer on two episodes (4 & 9). Parker also worked on an episode of the short-lived Grand Army series.

According to numerous sources, the series doesn’t officially have a title yet (most refer to it as “Untitled Marine Project”). Still, given it’s an adaptation, we’ll refer to the project as The Pink Marine until we hear otherwise.

Sony Pictures Television and Norman Lear’s ACT III Productions are the production companies behind the project. Brent Miller, Peter Hoar, Rachel Davidson, and Scott Hornbacher are listed to produce.

What’s The Pink Marine about?

First published in February 2016, The Pink Marine: One Boy’s Journey Through Bootcamp to Manhood is the non-fiction autobiography of Greg Cope White about his experience in joining the military. It’s written by Greg Cope White himself, with the foreword written by Norman Lear.

Both Cope and Lear will serve as producers on the series.

the pink marine book cover greg cope white

The Pink Marine Book Cover

Per GoodReads, here’s the full synopsis of the book:

“The Pink Marine is the story-full of hilarity and heartbreak-of how a teenage boy who struggles with self-acceptance and doesn’t fit the traditional definition of masculinity finds acceptance and self-worth in Marine Corps boot camp. When Greg Cope White’s best friend tells him he’s spending his summer in Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina, all Greg hears is ‘summer’ and ‘camp’. Despite dire warnings from his friend, Greg vows to join him in recruit training. He’s eighteen, underweight, he’s never run a mile-and he’s gay.

Greg’s sheltered life hadn’t prepared him for military service. A prince out of water, he packed five suitcases since he’d never been away from home for thirteen weeks. The U.S. Marines stripped him from all of that, shaved his head and put a rifle in his hands. At first he struggles to keep up, and afraid his secret will be discovered. But midway through, the desire to survive and become a Marine trumps fear. He learns that everyone, just like in the real world, comes into the service feeling ‘different’; possibly prejudged for the color of their skin, their weight, their poverty–some have even chosen boot camp over jail. Can a flighty, 112-pound, unmanly Texan transform into one of the few, the proud, the Marines? Will Greg even survive?”

When will The Pink Marine be in production?

Numerous production listings place the new series going into production in early April 2023, with New Orleans picked as the filming destination.

Will you check out The Pink Marine adaptation when it comes to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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