‘The Re-Education of Molly Singer’ Sets Netflix SVOD Debut for February 2024

The Lionsgate movie follows in the steps of several others that have made their SVOD debuts on Netflix in the United States.

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Another Lionsgate movie is headed to Netflix, marking the first time it’s been available on an SVOD service. The Re-Education of Molly Singer drops on Netflix in the United States on February 5th, 2024.

Ty Simpkins (Insidious, The Whale) and Jaime Pressly (My Name is Earl) headline the cast of the R-rated comedy movie that’s about attorney Molly Singer, who is on the verge of being fired and the only way to save her job is by re-enrolling at her old alma mater and re-experience college. Also starring in the movie are Nico Santos, Cierra Ramirez, Holland Roden, and Wendie Malick.

For the most part, Lionsgate theatrical movies head to Starz in the first window as outlined by a deal struck back in 2021. However, over the past year, we’ve seen some of the smaller movies head to Netflix in that first window. It began back in July 2023 with the release of Jesus Revolution and more recently, we saw Emile Hirsch’s The Engineer land on the platform.

The split between opinions on this film thus far is stark, so it’ll be interesting to see how that evolves once the masses get to watch the film. On RottenTomatoes, the movie currently holds 20% from critics and 99% from audiences.

IndieWire, in their review published in late September, concluded, “Britt Robertson and Ty Simpkins do their best in this unfunny, bloated, and often cruel spin on the “going back to school to learn about myself or whatever” trope.”

The movie coming to Netflix follows its initial debut in select theaters and on VOD platforms back in late September 2023. Netflix confirmed via a newly published page for the movie that it’d be dropping on February 5th, 2024. Only the US is expected to get the movie for the moment, although from what we’ve seen, Lionsgate movies do tend to roll out in other countries.

Netflix App With Release Date For The Reeducation Of Molly Singer

Release date in Netflix app for The Re-Education of Molly Singer

For more on what’s heading to Netflix in the United States throughout February 2024, keep it locked here on What’s on Netflix. Another SVOD premiere Netflix US has for February 2024 is the Sony Pictures Classics movie Shortcomings.

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