‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Adds Nine To Cast Including Wil Coban, Gavin Spokes, Kayode Akinyemi and Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

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More Cast Members Join Netflix The Sandman Season 2

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Netflix’s second season of The Sandman is deep in production, with cameras rolling since the end of 2023, when filming resumed after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Filming took to the Bourne Woods in Surrey, UK for a little while in February as well as Brighton. 

Here’s a sighting of Tom Sturridge’s Dream in Brighton, where filming took place over 2-3 days in February, including some night shoots.

Today, we have a minor update on the new cast of The Sandman Season 2 with some new cast members and those discovered over the past few months, which will all be added to our main preview for The Sandman Season 2 and our cast list, which currently includes:

  • Indya Moore as Wanda
  • Ruairi O’Connor as Orpheus
  • Barry Sloane as Destruction
  • Amber Rose Revah
  • Charlotte Bate
  • Daphne Alexander
  • Esme Creed-Miles

Wil Coban, Andre Flynn, and Joel Burman in undisclosed roles

Sandman New Cast

Firstly, we have a trio of new additions revealed by Redanian Intelligence. They are Wil Coban (The Boys in the Boat, Netflix’s Cursed), Andre Flynn (The Musketeers, Jamestown), and Joel Burman (Sunshine on Leith musical).

Gavin Spokes as Jeremy

Gavin Spokes

Gavin Spokes in House of the Dragon

Gavin Spokes has joined the cast of The Sandman Season 2 as a character named Jeremy. Jeremy seems to be either an original character or a codename for someone else.

To fantasy fans, Gavin Spokes will be known as the fan-favorite Lyonel Strong in the first season of House of the Dragon. He will also appear in Netflix’s Scoop this year.

Kayode Akinyemi as Kris


Kayode Akinyemi in Vikings: Valhalla

The second name today is Kayode Akinyemi, who joins the new Sandman season as a character called Kris. Again, this could either be an original character or a codename for an existing comic book character.

Akinyemi has appeared in the second season of Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla as Kaysan and will reprise his role in Season 3. His other projects include The Legend of Tarzan and Collide.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill as Guillaume

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

Picture: IMDb

Another name on today’s list is Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, who will portray a character named Guillaume. Once again, it could be a codename for someone known or an original character.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill’s projects include The Nevers, Django, and Doctor Who.

Tafline Steen as Xantho


Tafline Steen in The Athena

As revealed last year, Tafline Steen has joined the cast of The Sandman Season 2 as Xantho. In Greek mythology, Xantho refers to several figures, but the most relevant is a maenad. In The Sandman comics, maenads appear in Orpheus’ storyline and we already know that Orpheus will be portrayed by Ruairi O’Connor in Season 2. Adding 2+2, we can make an educated guess as to how this casting fits into a larger puzzle that are the storylines of the second season.

Steen has appeared in productions like Miss Scarlet and the Duke, The Athena, and Father Brown.

Jordan Adene as Donnie Capax

Jordan Adene

Jordan Adene in Holby City

Next up is Jordan Adene who has been cast as Donnie Capax. While there is no Donnie Capax in the comics, there is a Danny Capax, son of Bernie Capax. Bernie is a lawyer and an ancient being who appears in Brief Lives. There, Dream and Delirium are seeking several people, one of them being Bernie Capax, and during their quest, they encounter Danny or, in the show, Donnie.

Again, we have a casting that shows which parts of the comics The Sandman Season 2 is adapting.

Paul Brennen as Captain Carnot

Paul Brennen

Paul Brennen in Borgia

Another name on the list today is Paul Brennen, who will play Captain Carnot in The Sandman Season 2. There is no indication of a Captain Carnot in Neil Gaiman’s comics, so it must be an original character. Unfortunately, we cannot make any guesses as to which storyline he is attached to.

Paul Brennen’s projects include Netflix’s The One, The Long Shadow, and A Discovery of Witches.

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