TV Graveyard 2019 – What shows should Netflix revive?

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It’s been a rough year for TV cancelations so far. As you know, we’re in peak TV in 2019 with hundreds upon hundreds of shows in development and airing across the world. With cancelations coming in thick and fast and with Netflix to be known to save shows from the dead, we’re going to look through the titles we think Netflix should revive.

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Two big shows in the Netflix roster for 2019 are revivals with Fox’s Lucifer returning for season 4 (and just renewed for season 5, FYI) and Designated Survivor arriving on Netflix on June 7th, 2019.

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The list of canceled shows for 2019 is long and we won’t be covering every title here but TVInsider has a great ongoing list here.

You can also head back to previous years TV graveyard posts including the 2016 list and the 2018 list.


A.P. Bio (2 Seasons)

Chances of revival: Unlikely

A.P. Bio is one of the biggest NBC cancelations of 2019 so far. The comedy has been highly rated and been seen to be growing in popularity and critical acclaim.

With NBC comedies extremely popular on Netflix with Friends and The Office being the biggest examples, it may make sense for Netflix to get another one under its wing.

Sadly, Netflix won’t have the numbers for seeing how well its performed in its own platform as it doesn’t carry the show anywhere.


Shadowhunters (3 Seasons)

Chances of revival: Absolutely 0

Fan campaigns for Shadowhuners to get renewed were huge but have died down somewhat. With season 3b of Shadowhunters now wrapping up and being available on Netflix, it seems the dream of getting season 4 of Shadowhunters is all but dead.

Netflix will have numbers for the majority of its international numbers plus we’ve even heard reports that Netflix was the reason that Shadowhunters wasn’t able to continue.

Despite this, the show was immensely popular and fills in a genre gap which Netflix hasn’t had a great deal of success in.


Whiskey Cavalier (1 Season)

Chances of revival: Possible

Netflix is lacking in the crime procedural sector with The Good Cop failing to make a splash on the streaming network last year.

There have been recent reports by Whiskey Cavalier has been uncanceled by ABC. Although the show is aired on ABC, its distributed by Warner Brothers. This could suggest that Netflix would have a look in if Warner was to shop it to another network.


Netflix has revived a big Fox show in the past with that being Lucifer.

Star (3 Seasons)

Chances of revival: Possible

A huge backlash came after Fox canceled their big musical show created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy.

This musical was canceled back in May but we do have good news. The network is supposedly shopping the show to other networks.

Netflix won’t have much data on whether the series is worth giving a fourth season. It does carry the series exclusively in Canada but beyond that, other streaming services carry the show.


Netflix has yet to revive any show from Syfy although Amazon notably revived The Expanse last year.

Happy! (2 Seasons)

Chances of revival: Possible

The big cancelation that could make sense for Netflix to pick up is Happy!. The show comes to Netflix in most regions internationally as a Netflix Original so Netflix will already have the numbers to give them an indication as to whether it’s worth picking up.

The main reason for the show’s cancelation seems to because of low ratings which is something many Syfy shows struggle with.


We’re including some Netflix Originals on this list which should absolutely not have been canceled. Netflix has notably revived Sense8 in the past to at least conclude the story. Hopefully, Netflix reconsiders on some of these titles.

Santa Clarita Diet (3 Seasons)

Chances of revival: Unlikely

One of the biggest Netflix cancelations in recent years has been Santa Clarita Diet. The comedy was extremely popular and was canceled in April 2019.

The show left on a massive cliffhanger and notably at the series writing peak. If nothing else, we’d love to see the series wrapped up in a movie special.

The efforts for saving Santa Clarita Diet have reached big numbers with a massive fan backlash and a petition reaching over 100k signatures.

One Day at a Time (3 Seasons)

Chances of revival: Unlikely on Netflix at least

Another big comedy that Netflix has axed with a big fan backlash has been One Day at a Time.

Multiple networks are trying to pick up the show to continue it but Netflix is supposedly not being supportive of that.

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