‘V-Wars’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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V-Wars season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix

After a polarising first season, V-Wars has already started to turn heads towards a potential second season. While it is still a little too early to report any news on renewal, we’re sure to learn more soon. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on the chances of it being renewed, and when we could expect to see a second season on Netflix in the future.

V-Wars is a Netflix Original sci-fi horror series based on the IDW Entertainment graphic novels of the same name by author Jonathan Maberry. The creative minds behind the series are William Laurin and Glenn Davis, both serving on the writing team and as producers of V-Wars. The series stars Ian Somerhalder, a former cast member of the popular CW series Vampire Diaries. Somerhalder was also a former cast member of the Superman origin series Smallville, along with fellow cast members Laura Vandervoort and Adrian Holmes.

After a mysterious disease begins transforming people into vampires, based on the folklore of each victim’s heritage, Dr. Luther Swann is pitted against his best friend, now a powerful vampire leader. The show chronicles the outbreak of the first Vampire War, from the savage murders committed by the newly affected to full-out battles with vampire terrorist cells, and the peace-mongering factions in between.

Has V-Wars been renewed by Netflix?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 11/12/2019)

Sadly, Netflix has yet to renew V-Wars for a second season. Fans shouldn’t worry though, at the time of writing this article, V-Wars has only been available to stream for less than a week. Typically, Netflix takes its time with renewals, and updates on renewal could take up to as long as six months. We very much doubt that V-Wars will take half a year for renewal but we’re hoping to learn more soon.

If you’re a fan of V-Wars and want the series to be renewed, the best thing you can do is recommend the series to your friends and family, and watch V-Wars again.

How have subscribers responded to V-Wars?

The biggest response from subscribers is the love for Vampire Diaries alumni Ian Somerhalder’s return to the Vampire genre as Dr. Luther Swann:

Meanwhile, there are fans of the series hoping to see a second season;

When could we expect to see V-Wars season 2 on Netflix?

It took over a year after filming concluded before V-Wars arrived on Netflix. Filming took place from the 15th of May 2018 to October 22nd, 2018. That’s almost 14 months in between post-production and the Netflix release date.

It’s highly unlikely that it would take the second season that long to return to Netflix, but assuming the worst and it does, if filming were to begin today (12th of December, 2019), it wouldn’t end until June 2020. Including the post-production process, that would push the release date back to August 2021.

To reiterate the point, we’d be surprised to see it take this long for V-Wars to return for season 2. At the earliest, we could see V-Wars return December 2020.

Another IDW Entertainment series to look out for on Netflix

Coming, January 2020, is the sci-fi series, October Faction. Based on the comic books of the same name, October Faction is also from the same publisher as V-Wars, IDW Entertainment.

Would you like to see another season of V-Wars? Let us know in the comments below!

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